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Kate Wears Temperley to Reception with GB Team

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

You know when you are really excited about something and when if finally comes it is a let down.  That was tonight's evening reception for the GB Team with the Royals.  While we waited for pictures, we were told she was wearing Temperley and I was so excited, because I am usually a big fan.  Alice Temperley is whimsical and feminine, interesting while remaining classic.  When I saw the dress, though, I was disappointed.  It has so many great features and lots of Temperley trade marks, but all together is just is not right.  The hem along the bottom, the straps showing through in the back. What is that, her tank top showing through?  Come on, too sloppy.

I liked the sleeves a lot, I think if the flowers had been a little more delicate it would have helped.  It should be more sophisticated, it is looking too much like that ghastly peasant skirt craze that briefly revived in the US five years ago or so. Major no.

As I say, lots of elements I could have loved if there weren't so many clashing parts.  The crepe-like reminded me of a grandma at a funeral. I know a lot of people loved it, but honestly, but I just can't.  It is too bad, because with just a few alterations it could have been great.  I was definitely disappointed. Oh well, the good news is Kate is rarely off her game, so we are sure to have success next time!

Kate was looking fabulous in her make-up and hair department, though, so there are always silver linings.


  1. Totally agree with your review unfortunately! I was a bit shocked with the straps showing :( but obviously she still looks fabulous! Thanks for the posts!

    1. She looks lovely. I don't think the straps are showing, if you really look closely, you will notice the white going down her shoulder and outlining the back are part of the design and are not straps, the white is also along the front top.

  2. I have to say that I like Kate better with the darker hair as on the Canadian tour. This blondish hair colour looks a bit fake and does not suit her

  3. I titally agree, usually i adore everything she wears. Hated the big flowers and the belt was horrible, but hopefully this was a one off!! Love your blog by the way, always very honest and really witty:) !

  4. Loved the post!Very honest!I didn't like the dress as well!But she was great, as always!!!!


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