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Last Dresses of the Tour

Monday, October 8, 2012

My mom always got mad at me when I was little because I never finished a job or a project.  I'd close to the end of the dishes and leave the last bit on the counter, or fold the laundry and not put it away.  I am still guilty in that department.  We got almost to the end of the tour and I just tanked on the last day.  Sorry, old habits die hard.

Quick catch up, these were the looks you missed.

Wills and Kate arrived on Tuvalu Island and she was wearing what was an unidentified dress at the time. In contrast to the bright canary level earlier, it was a beautiful soft, buttery yellow.  Delicate and feminine, with pretty detailing, and a nice eyelet. It emerged that Kate had designed the dress! Yup, a custom piece she commissioned   Lovely choices   I would have made the sleeves slimmer, but such a small consideration.  Major score to Kate' creativity.  Hate the shoes, though...

Then Wills and Kate danced the nigh away with the Tuvalu Islanders.  Kate wore a floor length Alice by Temperley, before adding a grass skirt given to her by the locals.  Both William and Kate looked like they were drawing from the college and early post-grad years to bust out a few moves.

Kate wandered around the floor spritzing the dancers with perfume, apparently a symbol of approval.

As the tour came to a close, Kate wore a Project D London.  The many floral prints that Kate has worn on this tour are a little overwhelming to me, but let no one say Kate didn't step out of her usual style zone.

William looked like he may have reached the end of his rope, but in fairness, it was probably the most stressful tour they will ever undertake.  Let's hope so. The royal plane touched down in Brisbane, Australia, on the way home, and it was the first time Kate has been in that country.

To leave Australia, Kate changed to her more usual style, in skinnies, and a scarf.  She toted the most popular Longchamps bag in the universe, and wore her wedges. She looked trim and relaxed, and I think that is the, "I am finally flying home" smile.

Phew.  That wasn't so hard.

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  1. I don't think there was one of Kate's outfits I didn't like on the tour. I loved it when she gave up trying to fight the humidity and just let her hair fall into its natural waves - such a pretty, natural look for her. Annie, UK


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