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Pippa Launches Her Party Planning Book, Celebrate

Thursday, October 25, 2012

If you are a longtime reader you remember that I initially covered Pippa as well as Kate.  I dropped her for two reasons.  Number one, the woman was photographed every single morning walking to work and at some point a girl has to call quits. But today she just launched her party planning book, Celebrate, and was looking smashing. I had to cover it.

Her first dress was a purple Roksanda Ilincic. Kate has worn this designer before with great success and this dress was obviously from the same creative mind.

See Kate's lavender Roksanda Ilincic here that she also wore in LA.
Next look was a Marcus Lupfer and this was my favorite.  She has an absolutely perfect figure shown to perfection on this.  Absolutely stunning   I loved her hair and make-up.  The Middleton girls just glow sometimes and she certainly did today.

I love it!  She looks incredible!

Some kids told Kate they hated princesses.  Hahah, definitely one of those moments where you think, well, my sister is a princess, how to deal with this...

This last look by Stella McCartney was also a hit with me.  Fitted and sexy. Kate didn't make it, probably so her sister could have her moment in the spotlight.  Still, too bad that she missed such a fun day.

Michael and Carole were also in attendance, as well as James.  By. the. way.  WHO is the girl James is out and about with.  I am completely interested, someone toss some details our way!

All I know is, I am buying this book.  Can't wait!  For sale on Amazon here

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  1. I have to disagree with you on the Marcus Lupfer, Jane. I thought it made Pippa's already very slender figure look even skinnier, giving that horrible 'lollipop head' look. Whereas the other two dresses suited her much better, I thought. However, completely agree that she seemed to be glowing and I am sure that Kate would have loved to be there to share her big day if she could. Annie, UK


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