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Kate Wears MaxMara on Her First Visit to Cambridge with the Duke

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The morning of the Royal Wedding dawned with a hush on April 29th as the world waited to hear what title the Queen would bestow on the new couple. At 7am, the palace announced that Prince William would be titled the Duke of Cambridge and the newly minted princess would be the Duchess of Cambridge.   Since then, we have waited for the couple to actually visit the city of Cambridge, and when a year elapsed and they still had not, tongues began to wag.  We can put that behind us, because William and Kate finally stopped by Cambridge today to open a new hospital.

Arriving by Train to Cambridge


I'd give a few pennies to know William's thoughts here...

Kate, as was appropriate, did not recycle for this event, but wore a new MaxMara coat with an animal print dress peeking out from underneath.  Yesterday, I was thinking how interesting it would be to see what stylist did with her new bangs when they put her hair up, and today would have been the day for an updo.  It looked freezing, and the wind was pretty vicious   Kate's hair was everywhere, and when she remarked to a fan that she wasn't sure about the look, perhaps she should have just been not sure about leaving her hair down when she will be outside on a blustery autumn day.  Just saying...  She still managed to look windswept but gorgeous and as always she looked cheerful and very, very happy.  I bet William was getting a kick out of it.

I loved the coat, and that dress underneath.  The coat is actually a very delicate pink, which goes very well with the brown.  She wore her Aquatalia booties, which she also seems to pull off better than anyone else ever could. The royal couple got some rain when they arrived and on their walkabouts.

All in all, it seemed a very successful first visit, and Kate will probably wear her hair up the next time the forecast predicts a gusty day.

See you all soon...

Kate Debuts A New Look at the Natural History Museum

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Kate has a new haircut!  That might be a lightly inflammatory statement, since Kate has not radically changed her hair, only added bangs, but I think it is enough of a change that we can get pretty excited!  My first thought when I saw the pictures of her was that her face looked different and darker, maybe even softer. Then I realized she had long bangs. I love them! Perhaps I am lightly biased, since I have a similar haircut.  I am not a hair person, I just cannot do anything right, so I let others do it for me. (Word to the wise, if you are incompetent, like me, and have a blow-dry bar in your town, use it!)  For cuts, though, my hair stylist suggests and nod trustingly. Just recently she whisked out a razor and started slicing away at my hair while I whispered to myself that hair grows back!  Thankfully, the result was a layered look much like Kate's. Ahead of the curve!!  Kate's style has shifted over the years and she has made bolder and bolder fashion choices as the Duchess of Cambridge, but if there is one thing Kate doesn't mess with, it is her luscious locks. I think this is exciting!  My bet is some will think this looks too 70's, but in terms of fashion right now, it is spot on.  The bangs and the more extreme layers give her hair a lighter look, which is good--it was looking super full, but too heavy for my taste.

Kate wore the Mulberry peace and love dress already to Buckingham Palace for that reception with the press, and you can see the photos here and compare her changed hairstyle!  It really makes a difference.  I didn't love this dress the first time, although it grows on me here.  The rich green does look very nice with her dark hair, and I love the Jimmy Choos.  We didn't get any great clear shots from the first appearance  so it is nice to see the full dress, and again, I think it improves when you can get the full picture.

t appears she made some remarks, but I can't find a video or audio. :(  I assume one will surface.  The one question I have is, why did she button the top button   No, ladies and gentleman, this is not my favorite dress.  Still, it has its good angles, as do we all...

Kate was opening an exhibit on treasure at the Natural History Museum in London, and she looked just exotic enough for the part!

Kate and William Watch Rugby

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Kate repeated today for her appearance with William to watch a rugby game in Cardiff today.  The red LK Bennett coat she wore on the UNICEF visit with Frederick and Mary was once again on display.  She changed the belt, both look nice. I still wish she would put her hair up with some of these bulkier looks, but either her hair looks lighter, or something about her make-up is different, because she looks lighter than when she was in Denmark. (See earlier UNICEF visit here)

A brief digression, this is one of William's classic looks and I think it is hilarious. I had to highlight it.

I have been quite the lazy blogger this Thanksgiving week.  The lovely Charlotte, who writes the wonderful Duchess Kate Blog, was reminding me to post earlier this week, so let me get that update on Kate's doings.  Kate was out and about, which isn't unusual, the fun part was her coat.  Kate is lauded for her great fashion choices, and I love most of what she wears, but she is showing a particular talent in the even harder area of fashion-- coats.  It can be quite a tough call during the winter months on what will flatter and what is too much.  I have loved all her coats so, so much and she has a new and awesome one.

Kate in London courtesy of Charlotte at Duchess Kate

The coat she is wandering about in is a Temperley and I love it.  Just like I love that LK Bennett she runs around in, too.  Kate always chooses something unusual, stylish, flattering, and warm. Perfect? Yes.

Want more good news?  I have it for you.  The editor of the Irish paper that printed topless photos of Kate has resigned under pressure. Certainly a win for decency there.

On that note, I am running off again.  Thank you for your patience with my tardiness, and thank you to Charlotte for letting me lift her picture of Kate instead of actually doing the world myself. Every now and again, it is nice to be lazy!

Remembrance Day 2012

Sunday, November 11, 2012

On this very somber day, Kate rewore her DVF black coat from last year, the twist to different the event was the changed hat.  She paired the coat with the large cake-like hat she wore to Prince William's passing out parade at Sandhurst.  I absolutely hated this hat when she wore it then, although the shapeless red coat may have had something to do with that, but here it looks great.  I love how a hat completely alters a look.

It is when you take a trip down memory lane you see how much Kate's style has evolved, however subtly.  Quick video of Kate at Sandhurst:

Back to the present day...

I know what you are wondering, what was Sophie wearing. This:

William was looking pretty darn good--a uniform sure helps.  It is also a very touching photo since the prince actively serves.

Earlier this week Kate was out and about shopping looking pretty dressed up in all black.  The coat we saw already, but her pretty partial pony-tail really caught my eye.  I wonder if she was heading to some private event...

We have been very lucky with our Kate fashion sightings.  I don't think we have anything on the calendar currently until December, but we shall see. 

I hope everyone takes a brief moment today to silently thank the many men and women who have sacrificed their lives for the free countries of the world. May their souls rest in the sleep of God's peace.

Kate Re-wears Temperley to St. Andrew's 600th Gala

Friday, November 9, 2012

Since becoming a princess, Kate's fashion has, if not changed, broadened. She seems to have explored at times and worn things that are out of character from her usual style.  Temperley, however, is very much a Kate Middleton look, classic and feminine, delicate and detailed, it epitomizes the careful and perfect fashion choices of the beautiful princess-in-waiting.  Tonight, for an event honoring St. Andrew's 600th Anniversary, the Scottish university where the whole fairy-tale kicked off so many years ago, Kate rewore the lace dress by Temperley and it could not have been more perfect.

Those are some pants

This dress was a hit the first run at the Warhorse premiere, and it is just as much a hit the second.  Kate added a bright red clutch for a pop of color, which as the perfect addition to set the ensemble just a little apart from the last wear.

It isn't a big poufy dress, but the lace skirt overlay gives the added dimension that sets that tone of delicacy and glamour.  And, of course, as I have mentioned in the last post on this dress, the neckline so reminiscent of her wedding gown.  Although at times Kate's luscious hair is almost at war with her dress, here the loose look works very well.  It all fits together well.

Perfect, Kate!  Can't wait for Remembrance Day!

Kate and Pippa Out in London With...Lupo!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Pippa and Kate were out in London this evening for a charity event.  Kate wore skinnies, her signature boots, and that coat I love.  I think it is LK Bennett if memory serves.  Not liking her hair here, but super excited to see her out and about, and sporting a poppy!

Lupo sure has gotten big. :(  We will be seeing Kate again in a more formal capacity very soon!

See the Daily Mail's article here, with pictures of Pippa.