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Kate and William Watch Rugby

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Kate repeated today for her appearance with William to watch a rugby game in Cardiff today.  The red LK Bennett coat she wore on the UNICEF visit with Frederick and Mary was once again on display.  She changed the belt, both look nice. I still wish she would put her hair up with some of these bulkier looks, but either her hair looks lighter, or something about her make-up is different, because she looks lighter than when she was in Denmark. (See earlier UNICEF visit here)

A brief digression, this is one of William's classic looks and I think it is hilarious. I had to highlight it.

I have been quite the lazy blogger this Thanksgiving week.  The lovely Charlotte, who writes the wonderful Duchess Kate Blog, was reminding me to post earlier this week, so let me get that update on Kate's doings.  Kate was out and about, which isn't unusual, the fun part was her coat.  Kate is lauded for her great fashion choices, and I love most of what she wears, but she is showing a particular talent in the even harder area of fashion-- coats.  It can be quite a tough call during the winter months on what will flatter and what is too much.  I have loved all her coats so, so much and she has a new and awesome one.

Kate in London courtesy of Charlotte at Duchess Kate

The coat she is wandering about in is a Temperley and I love it.  Just like I love that LK Bennett she runs around in, too.  Kate always chooses something unusual, stylish, flattering, and warm. Perfect? Yes.

Want more good news?  I have it for you.  The editor of the Irish paper that printed topless photos of Kate has resigned under pressure. Certainly a win for decency there.

On that note, I am running off again.  Thank you for your patience with my tardiness, and thank you to Charlotte for letting me lift her picture of Kate instead of actually doing the world myself. Every now and again, it is nice to be lazy!

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