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Kate Debuts A New Look at the Natural History Museum

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Kate has a new haircut!  That might be a lightly inflammatory statement, since Kate has not radically changed her hair, only added bangs, but I think it is enough of a change that we can get pretty excited!  My first thought when I saw the pictures of her was that her face looked different and darker, maybe even softer. Then I realized she had long bangs. I love them! Perhaps I am lightly biased, since I have a similar haircut.  I am not a hair person, I just cannot do anything right, so I let others do it for me. (Word to the wise, if you are incompetent, like me, and have a blow-dry bar in your town, use it!)  For cuts, though, my hair stylist suggests and nod trustingly. Just recently she whisked out a razor and started slicing away at my hair while I whispered to myself that hair grows back!  Thankfully, the result was a layered look much like Kate's. Ahead of the curve!!  Kate's style has shifted over the years and she has made bolder and bolder fashion choices as the Duchess of Cambridge, but if there is one thing Kate doesn't mess with, it is her luscious locks. I think this is exciting!  My bet is some will think this looks too 70's, but in terms of fashion right now, it is spot on.  The bangs and the more extreme layers give her hair a lighter look, which is good--it was looking super full, but too heavy for my taste.

Kate wore the Mulberry peace and love dress already to Buckingham Palace for that reception with the press, and you can see the photos here and compare her changed hairstyle!  It really makes a difference.  I didn't love this dress the first time, although it grows on me here.  The rich green does look very nice with her dark hair, and I love the Jimmy Choos.  We didn't get any great clear shots from the first appearance  so it is nice to see the full dress, and again, I think it improves when you can get the full picture.

t appears she made some remarks, but I can't find a video or audio. :(  I assume one will surface.  The one question I have is, why did she button the top button   No, ladies and gentleman, this is not my favorite dress.  Still, it has its good angles, as do we all...

Kate was opening an exhibit on treasure at the Natural History Museum in London, and she looked just exotic enough for the part!


  1. HI Jane- I love her new hair and the dress. In a few of the pictures the Duchess has teh look that she had while at St. Andrews. Fuller cheeks, the hair and even a fuller tummy area.

    The Duchess is looking just stunning.

  2. If I have any tiny criticism of our lovely Duchess it is that she sometimes dresses way too old for her age and this dress is a prime example. Like the hair though. She does seem to be glowing of late though ...... Annie, UK


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