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Kate Wears MaxMara on Her First Visit to Cambridge with the Duke

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The morning of the Royal Wedding dawned with a hush on April 29th as the world waited to hear what title the Queen would bestow on the new couple. At 7am, the palace announced that Prince William would be titled the Duke of Cambridge and the newly minted princess would be the Duchess of Cambridge.   Since then, we have waited for the couple to actually visit the city of Cambridge, and when a year elapsed and they still had not, tongues began to wag.  We can put that behind us, because William and Kate finally stopped by Cambridge today to open a new hospital.

Arriving by Train to Cambridge


I'd give a few pennies to know William's thoughts here...

Kate, as was appropriate, did not recycle for this event, but wore a new MaxMara coat with an animal print dress peeking out from underneath.  Yesterday, I was thinking how interesting it would be to see what stylist did with her new bangs when they put her hair up, and today would have been the day for an updo.  It looked freezing, and the wind was pretty vicious   Kate's hair was everywhere, and when she remarked to a fan that she wasn't sure about the look, perhaps she should have just been not sure about leaving her hair down when she will be outside on a blustery autumn day.  Just saying...  She still managed to look windswept but gorgeous and as always she looked cheerful and very, very happy.  I bet William was getting a kick out of it.

I loved the coat, and that dress underneath.  The coat is actually a very delicate pink, which goes very well with the brown.  She wore her Aquatalia booties, which she also seems to pull off better than anyone else ever could. The royal couple got some rain when they arrived and on their walkabouts.

All in all, it seemed a very successful first visit, and Kate will probably wear her hair up the next time the forecast predicts a gusty day.

See you all soon...


  1. I'm in love with Kate's hair!
    I loved the pic of someone taking a picture of them. And I thought she had already learned the lesson from her Canadia tour, she definetely should use her hair up in these windy places!

  2. This is probably being incredibly picky but I don't like the fact that her dress is hanging below the hem of her coat. I also really hope the dress is not an animal print - can't really tell from the pictures - I think they are tacky.

  3. I can never remember what the rule is on hem lengths. I feel like people have faulted her on both points. It is an animal print, I have a close up of the fabric that I did not post. I was raised on the animal print is tacky belief, but I have to admit, I am totally loving it for the past year. A little goes a long way.


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