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A Royal Christmas Gift

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

It is that time of year again, whether you are ready for it or not, the holidays are here and that means shopping for loved ones...or yourself.  It is also the Diamond Jubilee and I have a beautiful Christmas gift idea perfect for the royal watcher, or the man in your life who watches your obsession with calm benevolence. A Diamond Jubilee Chess Set:

Chess is a game, but also an intellectual exercise.  You can with little skill or lots and lots. Great for Christmas morning while you wait to listen to the Queen's Christmas Broadcast.

This beautiful set is sold by the Regency Chess Company in Bath and they have some other sets I have my eye on as well, including an Egyptian themed set, a Lord of the Rings set, Robin Hood, Sherlock Holmes and more. Seriously, see there themed sets here, I want them all!  If you have a chess lover in your house now is the time to go hog wild. If I had a boyfriend at all and if said boyfriend loved chess, he'd be getting one of these on the 24th.

Chess, of course, is a game of war and strategy on a board, a very royal past-time if you are considering the history of the monarchy.  The Diamond Jubilee set has Prince Philip as the King piece, and the lady of the year, Elizabeth II herself, as the Queen piece.  See the set here and start thinking about Christmas!

Kate didn't go to the Hobbit premiere, as predicted, and I am heartbroken thinking of the beautiful fashion we have missed.  Most of all, I am keeping her in my thoughts as I am sure she is suffering through this miserable sickness.

I hope everyone is stoked for the Hobbit, though.  If you poo poo the Lord of the Rings, read the ancient history of Tolkien's brilliant world in the Silmarillion. Luminescently beautiful; one of my favorite books and a treat not to be missed. Until more royal news surfaces...

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