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[Update] Day 3 William Visits Kate in the Hospital

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

It is day three of what I have termed The Baby News Saga.  I might fiddle with that title later... I feel like we are covering a Royal Tour without fabulous wardrobe.  Instead, though, we get to wonder what shade of sweater William will wear as he faithfully arrives at the hospital every day. I love it, by the way  He looks relaxed, but nicely dressed. I am a dressy girl and I think men are at their most attractive in a suit and tie.

This morning I was huffing and puffing away at the gym on the elliptical when the tv in front of my started flashing images of Kate, so I frantically unplugged my headphones from my iPad and hooked into the TV sound system.  Apparently, some radio station in Australia called the hospital pretending to be the Queen and asked after Kate.  The woman sounded pretty ridiculous, but the nurse answered her!  When I was at the gym I wasn't sure if the response was a prank as well, but now I see the "shocking" affair is being reported as true.  I heard the exchange and unless they edited parts out, nothing too intimate was revealed.  The nurse told the "Queen" that Kate had an uneventful night and was getting on well, although was sleeping at the moment. She was nicely re-hydrating, etc, and that they could visit after 9am. It must be an odd atmosphere at the hospital with the Duchess there, so perhaps it wasn't such a stretch for the nurse to think the Queen was on the line.  I don't support the prank, I just don't think any state secrets were leaked.

Anywoo, William is looking good, wearing those trainers that were made so much of before the wedding. This post will be updated later in the day as the media storm kicks out more stories...

[Update]  Okey dokey. So, my fingers were crossed for a Middleton appearance and I was not disappointed. Pippa and James visited late in the afternoon and stayed  a little over an hour.  I had hope for some distracting fashion from Pippa, but that was not to be.  This ensemble is not doing it for me at all. Right now, Kate {and by Kate I meant Pippa. My brain must be off today.} should be stepping it up to fill in for her sister. Ah well.

Also, as mentioned yesterday, Michael and Carol Middleton both left their Berkshire home yesterday in separate cars and I was shocked that the supportive parents didn't head straight to their daughter's side.  Well, they did.  They visited Kate yesterday, but used a back entrance  Sneaky, sneaky.  What I don't get is, if there is a private entrance, why aren't all the royal comings and goings happening through that door?  I am thrilled that we get to see the daily royal parade, but it leaves me mildly perplexed. Well, disappointed we missed the Middleton parents--they are so awesome.


  1. I think William walks in through the main entrance to show that he is there. If he hadn’t been seen coming or leaving, there would probably be a lot of speculation, even if the palace stated that he walked in through the back entrance. After all, the media and some people like to make drama out of nothing. At least now there is no doubt that William is by her side every day.

  2. Thanks for the update! Pippa looks SO much like Kate in that picture. At first glance I thought it was Kate. Usually I don't think they look anything alike!

  3. Pauline CaliforniaDecember 5, 2012 at 4:58 PM

    I just bet William is really pisst at the hosptial for release whatever they did. And I just hope that the two people from the radio station get fired. And that the radio station also get's fined.

    I feel that the nurse should have known that the Queen & Charles would not make a call together. That to me is just common sense.

    There again the poor Duchess had her privacy invaded. Wheh is it going to stop?


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