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Happy Royal Christmas

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas to you all!  After her appearance at the BBC Sport Awards, Kate attended the office party for Clarence House staff, as well as the traditional Christmas lunch the Queen hosts at the Palace every year for members of the extended royal family before leaving for Sandringham.  No photos were taken of the office party, which was a sedate affair at a restaurant in a nice part of London, but there were the usual car shots taken of the royals as they arrived at Buckingham Palace.

William and Kate arrived separately, but left together. (This was last week.)  William and Kate now are in Berkshire, celebrating Christmas with the Middleton family, which is a huge break in tradition, as the royals always spend Christmas with the Queen at her Sandringham estate.  Last year, William and Kate were there and photographed walking to church and greeting well wishers.

Although, a break with tradition, it should not come as a surprise that these two are spending Christmas with the Middletons.  When they were dating it was clear that Kate's family does not intend to be pushed to the side in the way that other in-laws may have been in the past.  William and Kate are a very modern couple and I think Wills wants to respect his wife's family and their claims on her time and attention. The excuse this year is obviously that Kate is not feeling well enough to make the journey, which is reasonable, but I think we will see more Middleton holidays in the future.  Alternatively, the royals could compromise and invite the Middletons to their Christmas celebration...

Old house in Berkshire

Middleton House When William Proposed to Kate 

When Kate and William announced their engagement, her family was living in a lovely home in Berkshire, but over the summer, they moved down the lane to a larger home with more privacy and greater security.  They are better equipped than ever to host their royal children and grandchildren.

Middletons' new home. Larger with more privacy.

Their old home was plenty large, but you can see that they have moved a size or two up and that they have increased distance from the road, etc.  It was a smart move in my mind, although much maligned by the British media. While the Queen and other members of the Royal Family attended church in Sandringham, the Middleton family attended a Christmas service at their local church with William and Kate. I didn't see Michael, but I might have missed him.  Pippa, Carole, and James were all there.

Kate wore her rusty burgundy colored Hobbs coat that we saw on Valentine's Day of this year. Refresh your memory here.  Kate stills looks sickly to me, perhaps because she isn't smiling since this was not a public function.  Her bangs, or fringe, also look a little unkempt in a few shots and that makes her look a little tired. In this shot from the side you can see that she has a very lovely updo. This is a less formal occasion, and Kate is not wearing a hat, as we would have seen had she been with the Queen.

Some people on Twitter tracked down this one shot of Kate smiling, which makes her look a little more Christmas-like. :)

I am sure that the Middletons watched the Queen's Christmas Day address, which speaks about her Diamond Jubilee events and the Christmas season.  Watch the whole video below:

I imagine we will be spotting new jewelry on Kate on the months to come, perhaps something she received today.  I hope you all have a wonderful and blessed Christmas! I am off to savor a Chocolate Martini.


  1. William could have done so much better. Can you imagine being around that nuisance kate all the time. He broke up with her once, he was right the first time.

    1. And yet here you are, reading a blog about the very women you seem to have such disdain for? Maybe that is the answer. People just can't resist her. :)

  2. Why is it that the Royal family can't see through people that are phoney. Fergie, Diana, now kate middleton. I guess so little exposure to real life makes them nieve.

    1. ...or you could just learn to spell. Oh yes, you need some education for that.

  3. You all need to get a life, and you haven't the slightest idea about the ladies of whom you speak, because you have not and will never walk in their shoes. So shut the hell up!!

  4. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  5. i like your blog

  6. it does make laugh when someone posts a comment telling the blogger to get a what on earth is the person doing reading all of this and then spending their time posting rude comments and getting so hot under the collar about the meaningfulness, or not, of the blogger's hobby? maybe they're the one who should get a life...

  7. Oh for goodness sake. Yes get a life all you naysayers. They re two young people obviously in love who obviously respect and adore each other. You can see from the way they look at ech other. And how he hell do you know with such categorical contempt that Diana and Fergie we're phonys Diana went on to become one of the most admired philanthropists, social advocates, person of the people we have known in this generation. She raised a son who is caring, respected, mature, and will one day be your reigning monarch. That phoney did a damn good job and William and Kate will also.


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