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Kate Spotted at Berkshire Petrol Station

Sunday, December 30, 2012

If a tree falls in a wood and no one sees it, did it happen? I hate that scenario, but that is often the situation with the Royal Family. If the papers claim that Will and Kate made it to Sandringham for the Boxing Day shoot, but there are no photos, were they actually there? I think yes.  As the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh get older, it makes sense to me that William will try to make some of these special events.  They had Christmas with the Middletons, but made it up to Sandringham for the annual shoot. The reports say it was raining and that Will went shooting, but Kate stayed in with the Queen. They all met for luncheon and rumor has it that Kate watched the rest of the fun from the shelter of a car.

By today, the pair had left Norfolk as the Queen went to church alone.  We also know Kate and William had left because Kate was spotted popping into a convenience store today by @jade_sinclair on Twitter.  And we have proof! ;) This was the photo she took of Kate near her parents' home in Berkshire:

It looks as if Kate is wearing high boots, perhaps her Aquatalias, and it seems all in a neutral palette. Cream or white sweater and beige colored skirt, with a dark scarf and thick belt. This picture looks like it was processed with a filter from an instagram-like program, so the colors could be off. 

The woman's comments about the encounter were that Kate jumped out of a Land Rover with a protection officer to buy some mini chedders.

There is much speculation on where the Cambridges will spend New Year's Eve.  Last year it was falsely reported that the two were in Scotland for NYE until photos surfaced of them spending that holiday in Berkshire with the Middletons.  See the pictures halfway down this post from the War Horse premiere. I have no idea where they will be, but I have to say my guess is with the Middletons in Berkshire. That sounds like a fun place to ring in the New Year and not too much travel for Kate. 

Maybe we will get photographic evidence...  If not, have a marvelous--and safe--New Year's Eve as we look forward to what is sure to be another royally exciting year!


  1. I heard they were flying to Scotland to spend it with Charles. But I also read around the time she got out of the hospital that the doctors do not want her to be flying. So that put Scotland out of the question. I just hope that the Duchess is feeling better. We do know that William is taking good care of his wife. His beloved mother would be so proud of the way he has grown up to be the man his is today.

  2. Oh and I can't wait until we can see her baby bump. That picture does not show anything but the one when she was giving the award the other night, you could see just a tiny little something there.

  3. I long for the day when the vulgar expression baby bump goes into the linguistic trash.

  4. I don't think that's her... it's a fake

    1. Well, I am pretty sure this was legit. Sometimes, there are snaps I am not so sure of, but given the girl who saw her, I think it is true. The picture is certainly Kate, it isn't photoshopped or anything, just a cellphone so not very high quality.


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