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Kate Discharged from Hospital to Rest at Kensington Palace

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Happily, Kate was discharged from Edward VII Hospital this morning and is now resting at her Kensington Palace home in London.  She looked so lovely when she emerged this more, if a little delicate, with her hair nicely swept halfway up.  That style really highlighted how lovely her bangs really are.

Either one of the nurses is a bit of a hairstylist or someone snuck in the back to make Kate gorgeous for her discharge photoshoot. She already has that bright bouquet when she emerged. Those are her lovely Aquatalias that we have seen so much before.

The palace had been saying Kate would be in hospital several more days, so my bet is that after to the whole prank call it was even harder to relax than it already was being in a strange bed and all.  She can go to the ultimate privacy of the Kensington Palace and the royal doctors can look after her there.  Obviously she is well enough to walk and I am really hoping she won't be one of the women who is sick the entire pregnancy   Frankly, she could have a home IV at Kensington, but there will just be more privacy all around.

In case you missed it, Carole drove to the hospital last night and walked in the front door to visit Kate.  She looked great, and I thought it was nice that she made the public appearance   I am sure they were anxious on their first visit and I am guessing that is another reason they used the back entrance before.


  1. Which style boots is she wearing?

  2. She is one beautiful woman. William looked very happy to have his Duchess going home. I hope William will be able to spend some time with her before he has to return to his RAF duties. There is nothing better to have your husband by your side when you are not feeling well and to be able to share this beautiful time together.

  3. I am so glad that William won't have to go back to work and leave Kate at a hospital without him.

    Bristowmom, they are Aquatalia by Marvin K. I have the same boots and my box says they are the Cookie style. Aquatalia changes up the names sometimes, so you can't always be sure. I think the Rhumba boots were renamed, but the Cookie boots are the ones she wore today. She wears them a lot, and Pippa also has a pair.

    1. Thanks! Maybe next year they will re-release that style like they did with the 'Royal' ones.

    2. I hope so! She wears them with fair regularity. LK Bennett just keeps producing the Sledge heel that Kate wears constantly and they must be making a killing. I don't know how old the Cookie style is, but I think it is only a few years old. They seem to be overlooked, though, because they usually only highlight her Rumba and Rouge booties. Fingers crossed for a re-release!

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