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Kate's November 30th Visit to St. Andrew's Prep School

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Well, I never reported on this because I didn't get around to it on the actual day and it was only a few days later that Kate's pregnancy was announced, which rather stole the show. I am sure you have all seen this great event already, but I am writing about it regardless, for the blog archive.  And because I love this awesome Sarah Burton creation.

Kate visited her old school St. Andrew's--not the University-- on the feast of St. Andrew, November 30th.  She wore a uniform-inspired Sarah Burton creation along with her awesome suede Aquatalia boots. The highlight of the visit was when Kate took to the field to play some hockey with delighted students.  Little did Kate or the watching public know that the glowing and healthy looking Duchess would be hospitalized within a matter of days as the acute morning sickness took over.

Kate kind of tells the story in her own words in this video. How happy she was at the school  how she found her love of sport, and wanted to return and teach.  I can only imagine the trip down memory lane it was for her to come back the Duchess of Cambridge, future Queen of England, and walk around the school she was just another student in years ago.  Talk about coming a long way!

Kate was baptized at St. Andrew's Church, I think, she went to this school, and of course most famously, St. Andrew's University where she met her Prince. Lots of history there.

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