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[Updated 2] The Duchess of Cambridge is Expecting Her First Child!

Monday, December 3, 2012

[Update 2] The Daily Mail is reporting that Kate and William were spending the weekend at her parents' home in Berkshire when she got sick and was unable to keep food or fluids down.  Finally, William drove Kate to the hospital in London and the announcement was made. 

[Update]  Apparently, Kate hasn't passed the 12 week point.  She will need lots of rest, so I am guessing we will see appearances canceled. 

The very exciting news that Kate is indeed pregnant has already swept the globe and I can't wait to see the wonderful headlines this will make on the front pages.  William and Kate's website is not even currently accessible due to the high volume of traffic. 

Kate was certainly getting fuller in the face and obviously putting on weight, and after her last three appearances I was pretty convinced she was pregnant   Unfortunately, the Duke and Duchess announced earlier than they had planned because Kate was hospitalized for severe morning sickness   Read the Times report here.  

Frankly, if they had to announce soon because we had all pretty much figured it out.  Her body was obviously changing and she was shifting her close to accommodate that.  The beautiful McQueen dress, which I have lazily not reported on yet, but now will, was obviously a loose fit. 

Now we will start predicting boy or girl...

I said she was pregnant!  That glowing skin, gaining weight, loose outfits.  So very, very thrilled for the Duke and Duchess.  Keep her in your prayers, though, since it sounds like she is pretty sick.


  1. You are the first Kate fashion blogger to post the story. Congratulations.

  2. Oh god, I'm so happy. I've waited for this since the wedding. Super excited for William and Kate and I know they will make the best parents ever. Hope Kate will feel better soon and have a safe pregnancy.

  3. If Kate has a girl, I hope you name her Diana...or James if it's a boy...maybe she will have twins and get one of each! Morning sickness is just awful, I had it for the whole 9 months even going to the delivery room..Needless to say I was glad that pregnancy ended well with a healthy beautiful baby girl who I named Nicole. She is awesome. If Kate has a boy as I said James would be good name but I also like Piers as well.


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