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[Updated] William Visits Kate on Her Second Day in Hospital

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

[Updated below with pictures]

William was at Kate's side again today at Edward VII hospital. I can imagine that the royals try to keep their personal health issues in house, so it makes sense they go to particular doctors. Two royal doctors arrived at the hospital today to see Kate--they can't possibly replace the hospital team that is there full time, so I assume they are consulting only at this stage.

Everyone keeps saying William looks worried, but he doesn't look terribly worried to me.  Frankly, I think he looks rather happy.  His wife is in good hands and although she is feeling very unwell, she is pregnant, which is a happy thing!

I think we will see visits from the Middletons very soon.  I was surprised they didn't come today.  The only reason they might wait until she is released to rest at home would be to minimize the press.  Unfortunately, the stories I am hearing are that doctors say Kate could remain fairly sick for the entire duration of her pregnancy.

Don't expect any regular updates from the palace, but at least we can watch the comings and goings.


Ok, William left the hospital this evening all smiles as St. Jame's Palace announced that Kate is feeling better and that the Duke and Duchess are grateful for the good wishes of the world at this exciting time.  That is a light paraphrase, but pretty much the gist.

There are so many articles swirling around it is hard to keep up.  A few highlights.  Harry and Pippa are already being touted as potential godparents.

From my mom's calculations, Kate is due mid-July.

Last night was the annual Carol Service at St. Luke's that Kate used to go to and went to after her engagement.  I don't know why, but I look forward to her going every year.  Obviously, she did not attend last night, although, I don't think she went last year, either. :( Let's take a trip down memory lane...

Kate at the service in 2009:

And after her engagement in 2010:

I had these boots and then I left them in a hotel room.  Devastation.  I try to remind myself they were just possessions   Working on detachment here...

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  1. Thanks for your updates. There are so many posts all over the web that it's really hard to keep up!I feel that every minute a new article comes around and I feel like reading all of them.


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