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Emerald is the Official Color of 2013: Kate's Green History

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Kate Wearing 2012 Official Color: Tangerine 

Last night I downloaded Vogue UK's February edition to enjoy their much talked of Katepedia special. It was a visual feast and fun to see in statistics the various inclinations of the Duchess that most us of us have already noticed. Easy examples: Kate's most worn color is blue coming in first in the color crowd at 24%, she really likes LK Bennett as evidenced by their column's double lead over every other label on the graph, she holds her clutches with both hands 48% of the time, etc, the list continues. In all seriousness, it was very fun and a very friendly piece on Kate.  Numbers tend to give us a sense of veracity, but I do question the accuracy since they kicked the stats off with Kate's height reported as 178 cm with no shoes.  For you Yanks, that is 5'10".  We have had this argument before, eh? Even my ex-boyfriend snorted in disbelief when I said Kate was reputedly 5'10", and I didn't even know he knew who Kate was, so it is more obvious than I thought! Perhaps this will be a myth that is never put to rest.

Blue may have won Kate's year, but the experts at Pantone have declared the official color of 2013 to be emerald. We have seen Kate wearing this shade already with great success, even if it only garnered 6% of the Duchess's attention, according to Katepedia. As you search for inspiration to add this vibrant color to your spring wardrobe, let's look at some of her most outstanding choices. 

Kate dazzled last year in this aqua green Jenny Packham gown at the Our Greatest Team Rises Gala in support of the British Olympic team. Jenny Packham may not be McQueen or LK Bennett, but she has certainly had her fair share of royal attention. Kate might not wear her as often, but when she does it is high profile.  Remember that her first evening gown appearance was in Jenny P at the ARK Gala. I would say the label has essentially filled the evening gown gap left when the she quietly distanced herself from Issa. 

On the job, Kate wore a deeper teal when she joined the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh as they kicked off the Diamond Jubilee Celebrations. Word to the wise, when you go out with Granny, try and coordinate color scheme. Kate and Elizabeth didn't make this mistake twice.  The next time those two were out and about they complemented each other perfectly in blue. 

In a very unusual move, Kate went American in an olive green Ralph Lauren (Blue Label) knit dress when she visited Centrepoint with William. This look is classic Kate Middleton. A streamlined silhouette in an understated color, black stockings and her iconic black suede boots. 

Was Kate ahead of the curve with her green choices this year, or still trading on 2010's official color: turquoise.  Let's not split hairs.  That girl is the Queen of Style, let us simply follow. :)

Still waiting to see her out and about again.  I think we will in a few weeks.


  1. The beautiful Duchess can wear a paper bag and look stunning. I can't wait until we start seeing her in maternity clothes. She will look stunning and beautiful.

    1. I am looking forward to maternity wear, too. It should be as lovely as ever...

  2. She always looks so wonderful. I forgot that she wore Ralph Lauren. VERY unusual! Can't wait to see her out and about!

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  4. I think she probably is about 5 ft 10 - if you look at her walking in fiarly flat boots next to William who is about 6ft 3, I believe, the height would be about right. I love that green Jenny Packham dress, it's my favourite.

    Annie, UK

    1. Hey Annie! I always love hearing from you! I thought that at first, too, but I don't anymore. Here is why. When she wears those Jimmy Choos and frankly many of her heels in general, they are over 4 1/2 inch heels, but when she stands next to William her shoulder just isn't coming that high. If she is 5'10" an added 4.7 inches puts her at close to 6'3". He is still much taller than she.I just can't see how she can be 5'10" in flats, but still look shorter than William with those towering heels. I don't know...

    2. Either way, she's certainly taller than titich 5ft 5 me! Annie, UK

  5. Kate will always be beautifully turned out, no matter what she chooses to ware. I love it that she was the one that was chosen to go with the Queen and Prince for the opening event of the Jubilee. How fitting. I also love the idea of the Cambridges new home, Anmer being so close to the Queens home. This is a BIG tell.
    I would like to see pictures of the inside of Anmer taken prior to the present occupant. I know, this is my greed for knowledge showing.


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