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Kate Appearance Rumored and Pink Issa From Rent the Runway

Monday, January 28, 2013

I am going crazy for some Kate.  I would wait until the end of this post to tell you a little surprise  but I know the short attention span of the facebook generation, so I will say right off the bat that a little bird on Twitter is tweeting that Kate will be out and about in the coming week. To which I loudly chirped back, Hallelujah. I am not privy to the original rumor, but it wouldn't be shocker since she hasn't been seen for a while and public opinion seems to be fairly unanimous in the thought that if she is well enough, she should be making the royal rounds.

If she is feeling better, now would be the time to rack up engagements while she can still hide her pregnancy fairly well. As lovely as the hope is, while we wait for actuality let's look back at one of my favorite dresses from the Middleton days.  The Pink Plunging Issa!

Rent the Runway has a pink Issa very similar to this, so now you can have a Kate Middleton moment.  The dresses really are almost identical, although Rent the Runway's has a deeper plunge.  Too be properly princessy you might want to delicately stitch it up just a little to match Kate's sexy, but not exhibitionist, approach.  Nothing says Kardashian, instead of Kate, quite like parts popping out without an invitation.

Soon, I am sure we will be seeing Kate and the comparisons between Elizabeth II and Queen Beatrix will end...


  1. That was a really gorgeous dress. I absolutely loved her style before she got married. Not that I don't like it now. Greatblog!

  2. Why isn't Kate wearing Issa lately?

    1. Hey there! Kate didn't release any kind of statement, but Issa partnered with Camilla Al-Fayed, the daughter of Mohamed al-Fayed, the father of Dodi. Ever since Diana and Dodi's death he has aggressively accused the royal family of murder and many other things. I think that is why Issa was axed. I wrote a little about it at the time here:
      She has worn Issa once or twice since, but probably because it is already in her closet.


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