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[Update] Kate Enjoys a Cirque du Soleil with Family for Her Birthday

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Are these photos of Kate from her birthday, yesterday?  MSNBC TODAY Show aired photos of Kate, William, and Michael Middleton--along with other unidentified persons--at what appears to be a theater, and implied that they were from her birthday.  [Update] @iamraena on Twitter tracked down the show and identified it as Kooza, a Cirque du Soleil show, performing at Royal Albert Hall. More on the show here. TODAY was discussing the Letters Patent the Queen issued that ensured that if the couple's baby is a girl, she will be a princess in her own right. So far no one recognizes the photos, so it seems fairly likely they are indeed new.

Yesterday, it was reported that William traveled in from Anglesey, and that the Duchess did not go to their remote country home to celebrate her birthday. That makes it even more likely that this is some London production.

Enjoy the full video here


  1. I wish we could see what she is wearing!! I have never seen these photos either! Exciting to see her out!

  2. Well if she is still in London, doesn't that mean she still is not feeling very well?

  3. The Duchess was looking like she was feeling well. Her face was rounder then it has been in other pictures too. They both looked like they were enjoying themselves. And I love seeing them together.

    Maybe she will return to Wales with William since she looks like she is feeling better. We can only hope.

  4. I agree, she looks healthy, but not so sure she will be heading to Wales any time soon. I think their place is kinda remote. Wouldn't want to get sick out there again. Maybe after she is farther in her pregnancy.


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