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Kate Spotted in Thatcham Waitrose.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year! Kate was spotted in a Thatcham Waitrose today by a young woman on Twitter, @LisaHewitt12 Thatcham is in Berkshire and this is the second sighting of Kate at various stores near her parents' home.  This answers any questions about where she spent the holiday, although, not a real shocker given William was working. Lisa said that she shook Kate's hand, but there were no autographs given or pictures taken.

Kate was wearing a long blue top, body warmer, and blue skinny jeans.  I wonder if they were this shade of blue:

Or this shade:

Kate has been photographed shopping in the past at local grocery stores, here are a few of my favorites:

She keeps is cozy and casual, and has come to the store both in her Range Rover and Audi, but there are always protection officers nearby. Right now, it is unclear to me whether Kate is staying in Berkshire to be near her family during the holidays, or because they are worried that Anglesey is too remote due to her condition. Time will tell...


  1. Hopefully not those bright Olympic jeans. That would attract a lo of attention no matter who you were!

  2. Glad to see she still shops for herself. We will know if she is feeling better if she goes back to Anglesey.

  3. What's a body warmer?--one that Kate would wear, at least?

    1. I think she must have meant Kate was wearing a vest or gilet. She has certainly worn those about town when it is not cold enough for a coat. Maybe like this one he wore with the scouts:

  4. Musnt be sick then hey?!

    1. She is not sick, she is pregnant but has a severe case of morning sickness. In between I think she might be feeling just fine, but maybe alittle fragile. Effects of beeing sick such as dehydration is the issue and cause for worrying. That plus imagine beeing in the very early stages of pregnancy and beeing watched by the whole world... I wish her all the best and that she is feeling better soon!

      Thanks for a great blog :-)


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