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Kate Walks with Trini Foyle in the Park

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

What Kate Wore posted a photo from one of her readers of Kate walking in Hyde Park (or an area I also loosely refer to as Kensington Gardens) yesterday. There she is in my favorite LK Bennett jacket and wellies. Love. it. She is not buttoned up, and given how close a fit that jacket provides, I assume that is a result of her burgeoning pregnancy. Maybe time for a new--and ridiculously stylish--coat?

Don't miss sneaky little Lupo off on the left. That little guy does not miss out on the fun.  I don't really pay much attention to Kate's friends, (is that horrible?) so when Julia R. said she is a woman named Trini Foyle, my first reaction was, who the heck is that?  But, when I actually saw a picture of said Trini's face I recognized her as a woman I have seen with Kate many times.

In 2007, which is when both these next photos were taken, while William was off finding out that losing Kate was the worst thing that could happen to him, Kate was spending a lot of time with Trini. Given how hard those months must have been, my bet is this is a pretty strong friendship.

Look-back at the Engagement Tour of the UK: Return to St. Andrews

Monday, February 25, 2013

From Anglesey, the couple headed north to Scotland, because the next stop was their mutual alma mater, St. Andrew's.  How absolutely surreal this must have been for Kate to return with Diana, Princess of Wales' sapphire ring on her finger and her fiancĂ© prince by her side.

Kate wore a red Luisa Spagnoli peplum suit with Aquatalia rumba boots. The suit literally caused stampedes in some boutiques as women fought over the last few available.  Kate left her hair down, and although it did whip into her face at times, I thought it was the right choice. It was very much in keeping with her easy college style.

William addressed the school and the couple toured buildings on the campus, but then they were back in the sharp cold for a walkabout to greet the many fans who had turned out to welcome them back.

This is a really fun six minute video showing some highlights from the day. I can't get it to embed, but just click this link and you will be taken to YouTube!

William and Kate flew back to London that afternoon and joined Harry at New Zealand House, where they signed a condolence book following the horrific earthquake that had just struck Christchurch.

Kate, still new to the official royal business, needed some coaching through the whole book signing.  She signs a simple Catherine now, but I believe at the time she signed it Catherine Middleton.

Their next engagement wasn't until March, but that isn't too far off... 

Look-back at the Engagement Tour of the UK: Anglesey Boat Launch

Sunday, February 24, 2013

After William and Kate's engagement they did an "informal" tour of the UK to introduce Kate to the British people and in some ways to the world. It was very, very exciting and it will probably remain my favorite group of official engagements. Kate was still Kate Middleton, we were all wild with excitement as Royal Wedding Fever literally swept the globe. Kate was absolutely radiant as she took her first steps into her public future.  I had not yet plunged into blogging, and since I love these engagements so much, I am going to do a look-back series on them.

William and Kate chose to start things off in their own community. On Thursday, February 24th, William and Kate arrived in Anglesey, Wales to christen a lifeboat. It was a cold, windswept day, but large and enthusiastic crowds still gathered to get a look at Kate.

Kate arrived in the Katherine Hooker coat that she had had altered from its previous longer length. Thankfully, Kate played it safe and kept her hair in a ponytail, with an eye-catching fascinator.  Even then her hair was whipping into her face as the wind seemed to come from every direction.

She was a smash hit on the walkabout, and this very gallant gentleman made the news for his old-school greeting of the future princess.

Kate was wearing the Aquatalia booties that have at least three different names at this point. At the time, I believe they were called rouge.

I just loved everything about this outfit. The color palette, the modernized cut of the coat, the cozy but relaxed scarf. She was absolute perfection and a ridiculous hit. For those who were just becoming aware of her--is that possible?--she instantly won their hearts, and for those who had been fans for some time, were all the more excited. Those who had been following Kate for years really hadn't seen this side of her.  We had seen hints of her lovely personality  but most of the paparazzi shots were of an unsmiling Kate, moving about London.  Finally her real personality was shining through, the bubbly smiles, friendly energy, easy rapport with the crowd. It was a taste of things to come and the future looked bright.

Ok, we will continue the Engagement Tour Look-back on the appropriate days, so tomorrow will be St. Andrews, since they went from Anglesey to Scotland, and so forth.  See you oh so soon...

Harry and Cressida Bonas

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Harry isn't the subject of this blog, and I mostly ignore all his "girlfriends" since none of them seemed to be real girlfriends, but Cressida Bonas appears to be the "hottest flame" since Chelsy Davy said sayonara. Harry has followed in his big brother's footsteps and announced his feelings for the 24-year-old blond on the ski slopes. How original. Truthfully, with Harry I won't be sure until there is a ring on her finger, but this hoopla has caught my attention sufficiently to merit a quick post.  Apparently, Cressida has/had rather lax facebook settings providing the eager public with some informal snaps. Cressida is good friends with Eugenie, if what I have passingly absorbed is to be believed. Anyway, she is cute and looks fun. With Harry, though, I am never sure what will ultimately stick.

My heart is still with Chelsy, but I guess we all have to move one someday...

Kate Wears MaxMara for Visit to Action on Addiction's Hope House

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

It is uncanny. Whenever I have absolutely nothing to do but sit around and hope Kate makes an appearance she is nowhere to be found, but as soon as she does emerge you can bet your last paycheck I will be swamped with other things. C'est la vie.  Better late than never, here we go.  She visited Hope House this morning on her first official engagement since she announced her pregnancy, and her first appearance since her new pregnant self was splashed across several tabloids--and even a few roguish blogs.  A very interesting fashion day it was indeed.

Everyone who complains that Kate's fashion never changes does not watch for subtleties.  Kate, whose recent choices have been structured dresses, reverted to a favorite look of her pre-wedding days with this clingy MaxMara jersey dress. I assumed the circumspect royal would do everything in her power to shield her pregnancy, but Kate went to no pains to hide her growing figure, instead opting for a flattering, but revealing fabric.

She dispensed with the ever present and always useful clutch and instead kept her hands hovering around her small bump. She didn't completely obscure it, but it was a delicate gesture of the protection she and William feel for their precious new royal.

Kate, who usually displays plunging cleavage fearlessly, added a muted dusty blue slip to protect her modesty all around, which proved useful on this blustery morning. She was even retying the wrap dress as she stepped out of the car:

Later as she left the center, the wind blew the panel up, but the duchess was prepared.

Inside the center she visited with various women, and one asked her if she was at all nervous about giving birth. Her obvious answer, who isn't just a little? Not to be overly detailed and offend the more delicate readers but Kate's face has certainly filled out and she looks a little like the college Kate, particularly in the last of these next three photos.

This is so weird. Kate is pregnant. What the heck. I am thrilled and also find it so strange. You can imagine how I am with my pregnant friends...

The jersey dress wasn't the only throwback.  Above you can see a gold ring on her right hand.  Kate always wore rings on both center fingers before she got engaged to William, and I was very stoked to see her wear this. The origin of the ring I cannot tell you, but rings on these fingers were her signature. Don't trust me? look back at almost any old photo of her. Better yet, I'll just dump a bunch here.

I could fill pages, but I will stop. You get the point.  It was her thing, same finger, both hands. Loved it.

As she left she was presented with beautiful pink flowers by two cute little kids. Her big smile should remind everyone what a joyous time this must be for her, getting ready to have a little one of her own after waiting so long. We should all be excited for her.

I think she made all the right choices. She didn't try to hide the pregnancy under some billowy or carefully tailored dress, she went sleek and modern as I hoped, but had not expected.  There has been a lot of negativity surrounding this pregnancy, I think. A lot of people thinking it is coarse to focus on her pregnancy or people who hate the term 'baby bump' raining on the parade, but let's not forget this is all about life here. Life is sacred, life is precious, and life is joy-giving, and that is what I see Kate radiating  She is a woman who is joyful because she has life. Let's celebrate that with Kate. This isn't something she chose to hide today, but to respectfully share and celebrate with all of us, and we should be excited with her and for her.

I am slowly getting to all the comments that have been left, but I am enjoying each one!  See you soon!  Hopefully, before March 5th...