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Harry and Cressida Bonas

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Harry isn't the subject of this blog, and I mostly ignore all his "girlfriends" since none of them seemed to be real girlfriends, but Cressida Bonas appears to be the "hottest flame" since Chelsy Davy said sayonara. Harry has followed in his big brother's footsteps and announced his feelings for the 24-year-old blond on the ski slopes. How original. Truthfully, with Harry I won't be sure until there is a ring on her finger, but this hoopla has caught my attention sufficiently to merit a quick post.  Apparently, Cressida has/had rather lax facebook settings providing the eager public with some informal snaps. Cressida is good friends with Eugenie, if what I have passingly absorbed is to be believed. Anyway, she is cute and looks fun. With Harry, though, I am never sure what will ultimately stick.

My heart is still with Chelsy, but I guess we all have to move one someday...


  1. I also miss Chelsy. She was so cute and they seemed so close and happy. Seems they are over, though. Isn't Cressida a little young for Harry?

    1. Harry is only 28. Not a terribly large age-gap. We will have to see how this one develops.

  2. I agree still miss Chelsy!I was excited when she was his date to THE wedding,......Huge Harry fan(I see sooo much of Diana in him!

  3. She's a pretty girl, but I think that he and Chelsy were a good match. What I most like about Chelsy is that she is discreet. We haven't heard a peep about what it was like to date a prince. That, in my eyes, shows how trustworthy and non-fame hungry she is. I wouldn't be surprised if they ended up getting back together.

  4. I dont know, since she is an attorney I doubt she will want to marry and do nothing professionally. She is probably too educated for Harrys' taste but she is beautiful and discrete.


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