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Kate Shops for Maternity Wear

Sunday, February 3, 2013

More pictures have surfaced of Kate shopping for maternity wear on Tuesday in rainy London. She is wearing that Temperley coat that is so awesome and, impressively, wearing heels. I went to church today and thought I would go shopping afterward, and then as I was standing there mid-service I realized I had worn heels and didn't have flats in the car. That put the kibosh on shopping. I can't schlepp around stores in heels. But, Kate is a super woman! Actually, I am sure most of you can shop in heels, and I applaud you.

Umbrellas and royals are interesting things. If you need to be visible they can be tricky little necessities  but if you want to give yourself some privacy, they can be quite useful.  The Queen, who must be visible anytime she is on a public engagement is rather famed for her color coordinated clear umbrellas. Aren't these the cutest, rainy day, fashion accessory?

Kate has actually only used a clear umbrella on one or two occasions. In Canada and in London at the War Horse premiere.


Even when not using a clear umbrella, there are ways to hold an opaque one that does not restrict photos and fans. See William, the royal champ, demonstrating this hold perfectly. High and dry.

Kate has also learned this, keeping her umbrella high and away from a restricting angle:

But, all these options aside, the umbrella can be used a little on the low side.  Suddenly, we can't see heads or hats.  Tricky, tricky...

Anyway, I wouldn't want people saying my face is looking fuller, either.  Still waiting and hoping to see her soon in a more official and visible capacity!


  1. Umbrellas are pesky things. :) The Queen is so cute, though! I love all her different umbrellas!

  2. If it's not showing yet, you can always just buy a few things if/when it gets to the point of needing maternity clothes and you can always shop for maternity wear australia online. I know from my first pregnancy there was no way I could have made it! You would be surprised at how big you get at the end. My sister is very tiny and stayed skinny all pregnancy but had a huge belly that wouldn't have fit in normal clothes! I say wait as long as possible and maybe you won't end up needing anything!

  3. nice n beautiful blog ..looking stunning n cool with umbrellas...


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