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Kate Shops in Cape

Saturday, February 2, 2013

At last, we have some photos of Kate shopping in London last Wednesday, January 30th.  One of you lucky readers commented on a post saying,
Just saw her and her security men in Waitrose Kensington High Street with the exact same cape ! It is definitely herrr ! x
I know there have been some doubts about the snap from behind in Starbucks, but this is proof positive. She is loving the Zara cape, which doubtless hides a very small bump.  I do not think she looks visibly pregnant here, as the papers are crowing. Let's all just relax and wait a little.

We haven't seen these boots in some time. She is wearing those Seville suede boots sold by Really Wild Clothing.  Kate has sported Really Wild Clothing's boots in the past, and she modeled other products in their line when she was younger.  I love all their coats, and these boots are very classic Middleton.

In the photos below, a younger Kate Middleton worked a fair for Really Wild Clothing  as well as modeling for them.

The gilet that Kate wore camping with the scouts was also Really Wild Clothing  so she certainly enjoys the brand.  It is a very trendy and young twist on classic British style, which also specifically describes Kate's fashion, so it isn't hard to see why she loves it.

Expect to see more of Kate as we roll into February.  The Palace has already announced she is "back to work" looking at charities and future engagements, and we should be seeing her officially be the end of this month at the latest.


  1. I love the cape, and have really missed seeing those boots. I didn't realize that is what her shirt said.

  2. She is a normal person like anyone else. I had no idea she worked a fair. Good on her!

  3. The Duchess is looking just beautiful. I love the look with little to no make up. And I can't see a royal baby bump yet. I think it is because of the cap. With her being almost 18 week (?) you would think there would be a bump and probably is one but the cap is hiding it.

    But with her up coming engagements maybe she will finally let us see the bump. I can't wait. I am also happy that she is feeling better.


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