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Kate Walks with Trini Foyle in the Park

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

What Kate Wore posted a photo from one of her readers of Kate walking in Hyde Park (or an area I also loosely refer to as Kensington Gardens) yesterday. There she is in my favorite LK Bennett jacket and wellies. Love. it. She is not buttoned up, and given how close a fit that jacket provides, I assume that is a result of her burgeoning pregnancy. Maybe time for a new--and ridiculously stylish--coat?

Don't miss sneaky little Lupo off on the left. That little guy does not miss out on the fun.  I don't really pay much attention to Kate's friends, (is that horrible?) so when Julia R. said she is a woman named Trini Foyle, my first reaction was, who the heck is that?  But, when I actually saw a picture of said Trini's face I recognized her as a woman I have seen with Kate many times.

In 2007, which is when both these next photos were taken, while William was off finding out that losing Kate was the worst thing that could happen to him, Kate was spending a lot of time with Trini. Given how hard those months must have been, my bet is this is a pretty strong friendship.


  1. I love so much these candids of Kate, but wish that they were with her face in the picture! All the recent ones have been from behind, why can't there even be a side one?

    1. Probably because if not for her security detail keeping a wide parameter around her clear...common folks tend to not play like the press and infringe on her space getting into her face and snapping photos.

  2. Wow, Kate looks so young in that last shot. I miss the days of photos through cab windscreens!

  3. Charming princess... her walking or eating or sleeping should become a news. But why should Hilary Mantel quote Kate Middleton as plastic princess?


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