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Kate Wears MaxMara for Visit to Action on Addiction's Hope House

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

It is uncanny. Whenever I have absolutely nothing to do but sit around and hope Kate makes an appearance she is nowhere to be found, but as soon as she does emerge you can bet your last paycheck I will be swamped with other things. C'est la vie.  Better late than never, here we go.  She visited Hope House this morning on her first official engagement since she announced her pregnancy, and her first appearance since her new pregnant self was splashed across several tabloids--and even a few roguish blogs.  A very interesting fashion day it was indeed.

Everyone who complains that Kate's fashion never changes does not watch for subtleties.  Kate, whose recent choices have been structured dresses, reverted to a favorite look of her pre-wedding days with this clingy MaxMara jersey dress. I assumed the circumspect royal would do everything in her power to shield her pregnancy, but Kate went to no pains to hide her growing figure, instead opting for a flattering, but revealing fabric.

She dispensed with the ever present and always useful clutch and instead kept her hands hovering around her small bump. She didn't completely obscure it, but it was a delicate gesture of the protection she and William feel for their precious new royal.

Kate, who usually displays plunging cleavage fearlessly, added a muted dusty blue slip to protect her modesty all around, which proved useful on this blustery morning. She was even retying the wrap dress as she stepped out of the car:

Later as she left the center, the wind blew the panel up, but the duchess was prepared.

Inside the center she visited with various women, and one asked her if she was at all nervous about giving birth. Her obvious answer, who isn't just a little? Not to be overly detailed and offend the more delicate readers but Kate's face has certainly filled out and she looks a little like the college Kate, particularly in the last of these next three photos.

This is so weird. Kate is pregnant. What the heck. I am thrilled and also find it so strange. You can imagine how I am with my pregnant friends...

The jersey dress wasn't the only throwback.  Above you can see a gold ring on her right hand.  Kate always wore rings on both center fingers before she got engaged to William, and I was very stoked to see her wear this. The origin of the ring I cannot tell you, but rings on these fingers were her signature. Don't trust me? look back at almost any old photo of her. Better yet, I'll just dump a bunch here.

I could fill pages, but I will stop. You get the point.  It was her thing, same finger, both hands. Loved it.

As she left she was presented with beautiful pink flowers by two cute little kids. Her big smile should remind everyone what a joyous time this must be for her, getting ready to have a little one of her own after waiting so long. We should all be excited for her.

I think she made all the right choices. She didn't try to hide the pregnancy under some billowy or carefully tailored dress, she went sleek and modern as I hoped, but had not expected.  There has been a lot of negativity surrounding this pregnancy, I think. A lot of people thinking it is coarse to focus on her pregnancy or people who hate the term 'baby bump' raining on the parade, but let's not forget this is all about life here. Life is sacred, life is precious, and life is joy-giving, and that is what I see Kate radiating  She is a woman who is joyful because she has life. Let's celebrate that with Kate. This isn't something she chose to hide today, but to respectfully share and celebrate with all of us, and we should be excited with her and for her.

I am slowly getting to all the comments that have been left, but I am enjoying each one!  See you soon!  Hopefully, before March 5th...


  1. She looks stunning! So happy, too. I agree people should be excited and not negative. This is such a blessing for them and for all of us!

  2. OMG the Duchess was just so so beautiful today (she always is). She was just glowing and having seen her fuller figure just made me smile. She looked like she did during her college days.

    I bet William is enjoying his Duchess's fuller figure. I can just picturre him talking to her belly like all fathers do. They are just like the rest of ue who has had children. They will amke great parents. And William & his Duchess will do it their way.

    Can't wait until we see her again. By that time her bump will really be showing. Now I hope she goes back to Wales and enjoy her time with William. Out of the media's lens.

  3. Am I the only one who think it strange she ties her dress while getting out of the car? Seems unroyal.

  4. I also think its strange she ties her dress while getting out of the car, after all, you have a long trip on the car sitting behind as a passenger with nothing to do... you can surely tie the dress?

    But no, her first official engagement was actually when she wore the long green dress for the sports gala.

    I am not a fan of this look, but it's true it really reminds me of her pre engagement years, she really seemed to favour this sort of dress of which I am not a fan. But even if I dont like it, I have to say she looks great in it and has the perfect figure for it.

    Her face did seem to puff up. Although I wonder how she managed to get off the weight from her face after university and during the engagement period. Her face was considerably slimer on her wedding day for example. I am a taker if anyone has ideas: as for Kate, my face always tends to puff up :)

    She looks radiant, as always.

  5. It's lovely to see Kate looking well again and I think the fuller face suits her much better. She really is glowing with happiness and I thought the Max Mara dress looked fabulous on her, especially now she's getting a few more curves. That is one lucky baby who is going to be born into such a loving family - I can just imagine Harry being the best uncle ever!

  6. I think she looks fabulous now and looked fabulous before! I tend to show weight gain first in my face, before anywhere else, so I understand what the Duchess is going through. Also- when I lost 15 pounds, where was the first place it came off? My face. So as she was naturally trying to look her best for her wedding day, she was probably like myself and lost weight first in her face. I also think she was BRILLIANT to choose a wrap dress. It's a great style for those pregnant and not. And anyone who has ever worn one will know that the material does not stay tied all the time. It comes loose…I'm not surprised she had to tighten it upon standing and getting out of the car. Overall- well done, Catherine! I foresee more wrap dresses and empire waists in her future :)

  7. I agree with everything you said, you but it a very good way..

  8. New on here - great post. She looks really, good and has utilised the styles she knows suits her at a time when her body is changing and doing "new" things. Scary in a way; delightful as well; but having a little bit of control over how one looks as one's body marches to its own drum is comforting.

  9. Maybe the ring was too big after she slimmed down for the wedding and now it fits again?

  10. i'm surprised it's not that cold, she didn't need a coat , in February? must've been a nice day! And she looks totally beautiful and amazing :)


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