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Look-back at the Engagement Tour of the UK: Anglesey Boat Launch

Sunday, February 24, 2013

After William and Kate's engagement they did an "informal" tour of the UK to introduce Kate to the British people and in some ways to the world. It was very, very exciting and it will probably remain my favorite group of official engagements. Kate was still Kate Middleton, we were all wild with excitement as Royal Wedding Fever literally swept the globe. Kate was absolutely radiant as she took her first steps into her public future.  I had not yet plunged into blogging, and since I love these engagements so much, I am going to do a look-back series on them.

William and Kate chose to start things off in their own community. On Thursday, February 24th, William and Kate arrived in Anglesey, Wales to christen a lifeboat. It was a cold, windswept day, but large and enthusiastic crowds still gathered to get a look at Kate.

Kate arrived in the Katherine Hooker coat that she had had altered from its previous longer length. Thankfully, Kate played it safe and kept her hair in a ponytail, with an eye-catching fascinator.  Even then her hair was whipping into her face as the wind seemed to come from every direction.

She was a smash hit on the walkabout, and this very gallant gentleman made the news for his old-school greeting of the future princess.

Kate was wearing the Aquatalia booties that have at least three different names at this point. At the time, I believe they were called rouge.

I just loved everything about this outfit. The color palette, the modernized cut of the coat, the cozy but relaxed scarf. She was absolute perfection and a ridiculous hit. For those who were just becoming aware of her--is that possible?--she instantly won their hearts, and for those who had been fans for some time, were all the more excited. Those who had been following Kate for years really hadn't seen this side of her.  We had seen hints of her lovely personality  but most of the paparazzi shots were of an unsmiling Kate, moving about London.  Finally her real personality was shining through, the bubbly smiles, friendly energy, easy rapport with the crowd. It was a taste of things to come and the future looked bright.

Ok, we will continue the Engagement Tour Look-back on the appropriate days, so tomorrow will be St. Andrews, since they went from Anglesey to Scotland, and so forth.  See you oh so soon...


  1. I remember how excited I was to see how Kate would act in public and with the public and I certainly wasn’t disappointed. I was so impressed how she handled the walkabout and how smiling and welcoming she was. 2 years later, I’m still mighty impressed with how Kate has handled her royal life and how she always keep her head up and smile, no matter what the circumstances or what people say.

  2. I am so happy you are doing this! I really loved this tour, too, and am looking forward to the post on St. Andrews! Always so delightful to look back.

  3. Thank you Jane for all your nice posts! I really like your blog...
    Have a good day!
    Federica from Italy


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