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Valentine's Day 2013: Romance with William and Kate

Thursday, February 14, 2013

So, it is Valentine's Day, which just happens to be my absolute favorite holiday. Pink and red everywhere, roses and chocolate, champagne, romance... It's the best. I love today. Thankfully for you, this blog isn't about my romantic--or at times unromantic exploits--we are here to keep up with a couple infinitely more glamorous  Since it seems unlikely we will be seeing our favorite two today, let's look over some of their best moments. (Who doesn't like a good, royal snog?) If you would like to indulge in some light voyeurism with me, read on...If that weirds you out, stop now.

Just for clarification's sake, William and Kate were an item long before their first public PDA at Klosters in January of 2006. (Shown above)  They took a ski holiday in early 2004 and were already an item at that time. I guess Wills was feeling frisky this afternoon. Not that frisky, though, since honestly this is not a real kiss, but with work with me.  We shall call it an embrace and leave it there. From an extremely reserved prince, it was pretty news worthy stuff.  

Later in March of 2006, they were again pictured canoodling at a Field Game at Eton. I love this picture--more than the Klosters shot. They look so relaxed and cute. Wills needs a brush...

This shot is Kate arriving a the game with Pips for fashion's sake.

After the pair reconciled in 2007, they were spotted hunting together--and snuggling just a tad.

This is all leading up to one of the best William and Kate moments and that is in 2009. William and Kate left a pub in Wiltshire and as they got to the car park they paused for a bona fide, fabulous snog. I heartily approve.

More background on these shots. In 2009, William and Kate were solidly past their break-up, but there was no engagement and people were still mumbling and grumbling wondering what was up with the two of them.  Remember the shots of Kate in the white bikini? She was holidaying with William and family in Ibiza where Carole Middleton's brother, Gary Goldsmith has a villa. He is a very colorful character  Much too colorful.  A New's of the World sting operation caught him cutting cocaine and suggesting high dollar prostitutes. Not the kind of company that the palace would want their squeaky clean prince keeping company with and a huge embarrassment for the Middleton family. Although, it wasn't Kate's fault, the press was bad and for a girlfriend who had never put a foot wrong, people wanted to claim she was tainted by association. This very public display of attention may have been a quiet moment in which we got lucky, or it may have been Kate and William deliberately sending a signal to all the nasty whisperers who wanted to think that the uncle's conduct would effect their commitment to each other. The answer is very clear in these photos. 

In 2010, William and Kate celebrated a low-key Valentine's Day together at the Pot Kiln in West Berkshire. No PDA's here, but it was actually Valentine's Day, so I had to include. 

We obviously have to close with their most famous kiss, and that is on the balcony of Buckingham Palace the morning of April 29, 2011.  Hip hip, hooray.

To lovers of love everywhere, a very, very Happy Valentine's Day to you all!


  1. They are toooo cute!! Happy Valentine's Day!

  2. I love them! Happy Valentine's Day to you too!!!!!

  3. Did anyone else ever notice that on the wedding kiss there faces make a perfect being Valentines thought I would ask.I love your blog(wish I could figure out how to add my name instead of anonymous.

    1. Ahh, I didn't notice that! Love it! So happy you enjoy the blog! (You can hit the drop down and choose name/url. You can leave the URL off. :)) Happy Valentine's Day!!

  4. Jane- Thank you for bring us those loving pictures of William and Catherine in teh car park. It just show's that they can be a normal couple in love. I have seen those before but forgot about them until today. I have to laugh at one of them, it look's like Catherine is ready to jump

    I just wonder when they were first dating and how William is very private how Catherine dealt with him not showing much affection unless it was only in public. He seem's to me to be a very romantic guy. Sure wish we could find out what he got her this year for Valentines Day since it will be their first together as a married couple. He was gone last year to the Faulkland Islands.

    Thanks again for these great pictures of this very loving couple.

    1. So happy you enjoyed them, Pauline! I am sure they are perfectly normal in private, but William is obviously wary of cameras. Given the things he saw as he was raised, I can understand that.

  5. This were great, Jane! I used to blog and I know how time consuming it is to get these posts up. Thanks for your hard work. We all appreciate you helping us stay up to date with all things Catherine!

  6. Wow, I'm surprised that there are any shots of them engaging in PDA. They are so unlike Chelsy and Harry, Zara and Tindall, Autumn and Peter. The reason I love the Anglesey beach shots so much is that we do get to see them being physically affectionate with one another which is a treat since we hardly ever see that.

    Anyway, here are a few more shots of PDA between the two.

    Kate and Wills--St. Andrew days

    Kate and Wills Olympics

    1. That second photo is one of my all-time favorite of them!!

  7. Enter your comment...Oh I just love this couple! Hope they will be happy for ever! Also love Valentinesday..and its my birthday14Feb.'80-Love and greetings from South~Africa!


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