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Kate with the Scouts in the Lake District

Friday, March 22, 2013

You can always be sure I will LOVE Kate's outdoor wear, and when Kate added a day with the scouts to her calendar I knew it would be a glorious profusion of Barbour and Le Chameau. Kate was right on point showing up to spend time with the scouts in a Barbour jacket and Le Chameau wellies. My day is made.

That Barbour jacket is actually a little on the lighter side, but Kate had layered at least three deep, so she was cozy as a bug in a rug. I see a black fleece peeking out, as well as a base sweater of some kind. Those Le Chameau wellies are ridiculously warm. They say in the description they keep you toasty, but it really is incredible just how toasty. Kate could not have been more prepared for a day in the snow!

The hat is a Really Wild Clothing item. Kate has loved this brand for years, as mentioned in previous posts, and I love when she wears anything from them. We don't see this kind of hat often, but she wore one very similar in 2006.

Kate Middleton in 2006
It looks like Kate's friend took some style inspiration from the Duchess, because that hat looks suspiciously similar to the Really Wild Clothing hat Kate has worn in the past, most notably the Gatcombe Park trials. 

Basically, on a day like today there isn't much to do but sit back and enjoy the photos. Kate looked right in her element, the kids seemed thrilled to have her there, and the adults all seemed to be having a blast, too. 

I particularly liked this photo of Kate down on the ground with the kids. Very cute! 

I can't believe Kate is already five months pregnant! It seems like it was just yesterday everyone was speculating about when she would have a baby, heck, it seems like she just got married!

We will see Kate and William very soon in Scotland--April 4th. Prince Charles will join them.  I love Scotland, so this should be fun!

Kate Joins HM and DofE at Baker Street Station

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

There were little whispers that Kate and the Queen would have a public outing together today and we were not disappointed! It is the 150th Anniversary of the London Tube, and let me tell you, that is worth celebrating.  It is by far my favorite underground anywhere and for good reason. Clean, efficient, clean, clean... This is the first public outing of the Queen since she was taken ill, and it is good to see her.  I have certainly been concerned about her prolonged absence from public appearances.  The ever cheeky prince Philip was also along, as the royal trio caused a stir in the Baker Street Station. Sherlock Holmes had invited them to tea, and--I am joking. That was not part of the program.

Kate seems to like the blue/black color combo when with the Queen or on the Tube.  Today she wore a coat by Malene Birger, a Danish designer. I am always interested when Kate wears a non-British item. In general, since becoming an HRH, she has pretty consistently flown the home flag, but every now and agin she does deviate. Keener eyes than mine, on WKW Facebook, pointed out that Princess Mary of Denmark also wore this coat! So, we have some royal ladies trading fashion notes? If you don't follow all the European royals, Princess Mary is Crown Princess of Denmark and wife to that country's heir apparent, Prince Frederik. It was with this couple that William and Kate toured the UNICEF facility.  Frederik and Mary have four very precious and extremely fashionably dressed little tykes.  Can't wait for Baby Cambridge.

Speaking of Baby Cambridge, Kate was given this little pin that says Baby Onboard. She laughed and said she would have to be sure to wear it at home. Now that is a better gift than a teddy.

The hat was my favorite part of this outfit. I LOVE this hat and I love the outfit it went with before. Kate wore it to a wedding not long after her engagement announcement. You can't see it in this picture, but she was wearing deep purple shoes with a little bow on each. Ugh, I loved them. And she was glowing, of course, and her hair and make-up were perfect. Ah lovely memories...

I don't love today's coat. I don't dislike, I think she looks beautiful and the colors are great in general and awesome on her! But, something about the flare of the coat is making me think of men's coats from Louis XVI. I don't know why. Weird, BUT, she still looks nice. I have to remind myself this is also maternity wear for her, and she is certainly going with the more tent-like approach after her initially figure hugging MaxMara. I think this coat looks too old on her, and I think she should wear coats that are more fitted. The A-line isn't exactly thrilling me.  I know a lot of you will disagree, because it is obviously a beautiful coat and she pulls it off, nevertheless, that is my opinion. Look, it is this panel that is too much for me:

Just something about it.  Moving on... The Queen looked good and Prince Philip looked like all sorts of comments were galloping about inside his head, which I am sure there were.

Kate also told someone that she used to ride the Tube all the time before she married and missed it. It is perhaps the only hint of wistfulness that Kate has shown for her more normal lifestyle before she became everyone's favorite lady.

We have a few items to clear up from last post. Kate's black dress was indeed Topshop, NOT Zara, as I posted. I won't bore you with the details on how that mistake came about. I have (well, I will) fix that error, so the archive is correct in the future.

Number 2) CP shared in the comment section an article about William and Kate visiting with bereaved families.  I do not focus particularly on the charities that Kate and William visit unless it particularly piques my interest.  In this case, however, I agree with CP that it is good to share. It is especially poignant since William traumatically lost a parent at a young age.  Click here for the article. Thank you for sharing, CP!

Busy, busy week, more Kate to come!  Love the hat!!

William and Kate Visit Child Bereavement Center

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Today's public engagement was a little more somber in nature, as William and Kate visited a charity that helps families who have lost a child or are going to lose a child. Kate wore a coat by Goat. I could make so many strange comments here, but I will just say that, were I to start a fashion line, it wouldn't be called Goat.  In any case, the coat was flirty and cute, and enhanced by the Peter Pan collar peeking out around her neck.  Her dress was a Zara piece in black, which was an appropriate shade for the day.

Kate again wore black heels and black gloves, with black stockings.  The couple met with staff at the center as well as children and families.

I love this dress! I actually bought one very similar, but a little more figure hugging several months ago and I feel like my choice is now validated. I bought mine because it reminded me a little of Victoria Beckham style. She made the Peter Pan collar a real staple, certainly of her earlier collections. It is a very cute style on children and adds an interesting element when incorporated into women's fashion.

The royal couple conducted a walkabout and Kate received loads of beautiful flowers!  William actually complained that he never gets the flowers anymore, only cold hands. They also received more teddy bears. Ok guys, no. more. teddies. I am serious. If you are ever heading to meet a royal, don't pop into the local convenience store for a teddy bear. I dislike teddy bears more than turtlenecks. Flowers might brighten someones office, but a teddy... No more.  William is like, "Whaaaat do I do with this?"...

When Kate got back into the car to leave, you can see she is fully equipped with water!

I didn't love this coat, but I liked it well enough.  It was cute not stodgy and balanced the brightness they were meant to bring with the obvious sorrow of such a charity.

Well, that is enough for today. We will be seeing Kate again really soon!

Pips Pictured with Nico and Uncle Gary Chats with Hello!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Well, more pictures of Pippa and flame have hit the press, this time of them walking when they were in Switzerland together. To be honest, I do not even recognize him! He doesn't look anything like he did on Mustique or in the file pictures that were passed about. I thought his hair was much, much darker. Anyway, it is Nico and he needs a tailor. He is a pretty big guy, but he still looks like he is drowning in those clothes. I don't want to be too hard on him, though, because there is always the possibility his luggage was lost at the airport and he has been wearing what he could find...  Pippa looks lovely and that hat is particularly cute. The DM has more photos here.

Meanwhile, Uncle Gary Goldsmith must be in hot water with Momma Middleton after he gave an interview with Hello! magazine about none other than his royal niece, HRH Catherine. Gary told the magazine about the holiday he put together for William, Kate, & Co. on Ibiza where the boys got mud baths and they all learned to mix music from a DJ--in addition to the usual island festivities. He also claimed that the Gucci bag he gave to Kate when she was a teenager sparked her love of fashion. That makes sense to me--she sure has sported a lot of Gucci ever since. :) I am just being a little bit of a brat; I am sure Kate loved her Gucci purse. Anyway, he had a few other innocuous comments to make and they can all be found in your friendly neighborhood newspaper shop, or most of them can be found on...the DM, here. I think Uncle Gary is pretty harmless--none of this is shocking or unusual, I think he is just enjoying the spotlight and people are always looking for a new story. Let me put it to you this way, in a world where Kim Kardashian can have a TV show that documents every mundane minute of her life, Uncle Gary can have the occasional Hello! exclusive.

Kate and William at St. Patrick's Day Parade. Aldershot, 2013

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Kate and William arrived at Aldershot for St. Patrick's Day and she wore the same Emilia Wickstead dress she wore last year, but obviously altered to accommodate her pregnancy. This hat you will recognize from her day with the Queen in Leicester last year.  Kate bundled up a little more today in a black turtleneck dress, black stockings, and gloves, piling her hair up in an intricate chignon.

Aldershot 2012

Kate in Leicester 2012

I thought perhaps she was rewearing the turtleneck dress from Valentine's Day last year, because how many of those can a girl need? But the collars aren't the same.  Today is much more relaxed, while the dress from Liverpool looks to be ready to choke her, and is ribbed. Oh, turtlenecks.

The parade didn't go off entirely without a hitch. Kate's heel ended up lodged in a grate and she had to cling to her laughing husband as she freed herself. Most of the soldiers stayed at stoic attention.

As usual, the cheerful couple took it all in stride with perfect good humor. Kate was able to get loose eventually...

One of the guardsmen had a brief chat with Kate in which she told him she would like a little boy. A quote from The Telegraph:
Guardsman Lee Wheeler, 29, who told the Duchess he missed his 22-month-old son whilst on duty, said he spoke to her about the baby.
"I asked her 'do you know if it's a girl or boy', and she said 'not yet'. She said 'I'd like to have a boy and William would like a girl'. That's always the way,” he recalled.
I actually want the baby to be a boy, too, but we all have quite a few more months to wait before finding out!

Last year, William was away in the Falklands, so it was certainly fun to see them together here today. It is interesting how Kate doesn't seem to have bought any formal-wear specifically for her pregnancy yet, but has been altering pieces from the past. It is like she is holding out as long as she can... Whenever I feel a little heavier than usual, I always put off buying new clothes until I have slimmed down a little. I wonder if Kate is having similar hesitancy   Either way, I loved this dress and have no problem with the recycle. It is fun to see it a different way!

I was about to go in hunt for a video when Melek K posted this one to the Facebook page. Job done. :)  Thank you!  

Happy St. Patrick's Day!  

Kate and William Attend Last Day of Cheltenham Festival!

Friday, March 15, 2013

I didn't think we would see Kate this year at Cheltenham, but it seems William and Kate decided it was time to get back to normal! They arrived at the last day of the races this afternoon to see Mike Tindall's horse compete in the Gold Cup.

There is a lot of speculation that Kate's coat is this one that she wore years ago one a night out in London. Lighting can really change a picture, and although they don't look the same color, many of the details are identical. Since it is an unusual coat, and Kate is prone to rewear old items, I think it is the same coat. I didn't really love this coat years ago--it looks almost cheap in the picture--but here at Cheltenham, it looks really lovely. Cameras are strange things.  When I heard it was a Joseph coat that made more sense to me.

She must like that hat a lot, because it is certainly getting a workout. She wore it last St. Patrick's Day, again at the wedding in Switzerland, and now today at Cheltenham. I love all the browns in this outfit, it is absolutely great look for an overcast day.

DM is saying her boots are Aquatalia Rhumba, but they are absolutely not! I think they are Stuart Weitzman, but feel free to correct me. Kate has shown a penchant for patterned tights in the past, and she is sporting a pair today. I have to laugh, she is a bolder woman than I.

Richard Palmer pointed out this amusing picture of some man tweaking William's ear. The Prince looks amused--I have to assume there is a private joke here. I have no idea who the man is, but I believe it is the circled gentleman in the picture below. He has a cheeky smile on his face, and the right colored forest green coat.  That is my random guess, and it could be completely wrong since these two pictures were taken at different times. Kate is in front of William in this second one and he has put his glasses on. Who knows.  (P.S. I love it when William wears his glasses. Suits and glasses-- men look so good in them.)

Pippa made an appearance earlier this week at Cheltenham channeling her sister's look from an earlier year.  That fur hat belongs to her mother, or was at least worn by Carole at William's passing out parade. Those thrifty Middleton girls...

Much was made of the mystery man with whom she attended, but seriously, how fast can the girl move? It was just last week she was officially coming out on the Switzerland ski slopes with Nico Jackson. Let me just say, I would be impressed. But stranger things have happened, and if I have learned one thing in my relatively short years--truth is definitely stranger than any fiction. 

This picture is highlighting Carole's hat, but also notice her stockings. I think we now know where Kate gets it...

So, it was a lovely surprise to see Kate beaming at Cheltenham festival again.  The other good news is that more events have been added to Kate's calendar. She will be with the scouts on the 22nd. This will be a busy, busy week. Yay? :)