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[More Pictures] Daily Mail Reveals More Kate Sledding Photos

Sunday, March 3, 2013

[Update] The DM just offers more and more. After the post-wedding Brunch, ie today, Kate took a solitary walk--shadowed by three protection officers, as her husband and brother-in-law enjoyed the skiing. Since she married, we don't see Kate wearing a watch much, because she ditches it for public engagements, but it is fun to see her relaxed and casual this weekend, with her hair pulled up with a simple clip.

The Daily Mail had more pictures of Kate this morning from her day sledding before the wedding while the boys were skiing. I like these because we get a better look at the boots. Those are furry and...interesting. Kate looks a little baggy-eyed and exhausted in this first shot. She must have gotten a good night's sleep before the wedding...

Elizabeth II has been hospitalized at Edward VII with a nasty stomach bug. She has cancelled all her engagements for the coming week. Certainly a good intention to keep in your prayers. Quick recovery, Your Majesty!


  1. I would bet that the Duchess does not sleep well when William is on duty. She has made several comments in the past that she worrys when he is on duty and flying. And we do know tht he had beenon duty right before they went to Switzerland.

    And then they have been together the past few days so she got her beauty sleep with him by her side. So looks just stunning in these pictures.

    1. Yes, I am sure it is a relief to have him home. When he quits and they transition to full-time royals they will lose even more privacy, but she will have peace of mind that he is safer.

  2. Any details about the maker/style of her sunnies? Love them!

  3. Poor Duchess looks so lonely during her walk. She is all alone while William is off skiing with their friends. And getting hugs from other women (nothing wrong with that). I just feel sorry that she is alone. Hopefully William was finished skiing soon after these photos were taken and she did not have to be alone anymore.


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