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Kate and William at St. Patrick's Day Parade. Aldershot, 2013

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Kate and William arrived at Aldershot for St. Patrick's Day and she wore the same Emilia Wickstead dress she wore last year, but obviously altered to accommodate her pregnancy. This hat you will recognize from her day with the Queen in Leicester last year.  Kate bundled up a little more today in a black turtleneck dress, black stockings, and gloves, piling her hair up in an intricate chignon.

Aldershot 2012

Kate in Leicester 2012

I thought perhaps she was rewearing the turtleneck dress from Valentine's Day last year, because how many of those can a girl need? But the collars aren't the same.  Today is much more relaxed, while the dress from Liverpool looks to be ready to choke her, and is ribbed. Oh, turtlenecks.

The parade didn't go off entirely without a hitch. Kate's heel ended up lodged in a grate and she had to cling to her laughing husband as she freed herself. Most of the soldiers stayed at stoic attention.

As usual, the cheerful couple took it all in stride with perfect good humor. Kate was able to get loose eventually...

One of the guardsmen had a brief chat with Kate in which she told him she would like a little boy. A quote from The Telegraph:
Guardsman Lee Wheeler, 29, who told the Duchess he missed his 22-month-old son whilst on duty, said he spoke to her about the baby.
"I asked her 'do you know if it's a girl or boy', and she said 'not yet'. She said 'I'd like to have a boy and William would like a girl'. That's always the way,” he recalled.
I actually want the baby to be a boy, too, but we all have quite a few more months to wait before finding out!

Last year, William was away in the Falklands, so it was certainly fun to see them together here today. It is interesting how Kate doesn't seem to have bought any formal-wear specifically for her pregnancy yet, but has been altering pieces from the past. It is like she is holding out as long as she can... Whenever I feel a little heavier than usual, I always put off buying new clothes until I have slimmed down a little. I wonder if Kate is having similar hesitancy   Either way, I loved this dress and have no problem with the recycle. It is fun to see it a different way!

I was about to go in hunt for a video when Melek K posted this one to the Facebook page. Job done. :)  Thank you!  

Happy St. Patrick's Day!  


  1. At least William could have bent down to help his pregnant wife. William shame on you for not being a gentleman today.

    1. The pictures make this incident look longer than it actually was. It took Kate like 2 seconds to get her heel loose and William or anyone else didn't really have time to help her before she managed it herself.

    2. Yes, in actuality, the whole incident was quite short. The other problem is, when you get stuck you need someone to hold onto. If Wills has been down trying to pull her shoe out, she could very well have toppled over. He handled the situation well, holding tight and keeping the mood light with his laughter.

    3. I haven't seen the video, but that was also my first thought: why didn't William help her out? :P

  2. Lovely recycle coat! I thought she looked graceful and beautiful.

    1. She was lovely today! I preferred the way she styled this dress the first time, but she always looks so nice.

  3. Love this look, but I liked it last time better. I agree on turtlenecks. I don't like them.

  4. I thought today's look was better. I like green with black more. I like the turtleneck and LOVE her hairdo :) lovely chignon. I also think her demeanor speaks CONFIDENCE today vs last yr where she was looking extremely skinny, shy and a bit insecure. I understand how daunting the whole new role must be, I'm not thinking I would handle it better. I just think she is feeling better in her skin and undoubtedly William's presence helped :)

  5. To me her hair looks a bit weird from the side...I love the way it looks when it's a straight on view of the back, but it looks strange to me overall..(it could just be me though..haha!) I would have much loved it in a different up do. Regardless though I love the fact that she recycled the coat dress the way that she did! I think thats one of my favorite things about her, that, and she's just a class act.


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