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Kate Attends Wedding in Arosa, Swiss Alps

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Kate arrived at today's wedding of Mark Tomlinson and Laura Bechtolsheimer with her brother-in-law Prince Harry by her side, looking stunning! She has had a few misses at private weddings, but this is just fabulous. The pale pink with the brown is such a great color combo, the lines are clean and sophisticated--perfect. She was wearing the leopard print dress she wore in Cambridge right before the baby announcement and the brown hat from last year's St. Patrick's Day. What really made this whole outfit was the fur! Kate must have been inspired by Keira Knightley's stunning portrayal of Anna Karenina, because her fur stole and fur edged gloves are spot on trend for this winter's fashion favorite.

Kate has sported the full Russian look in the past...

I rarely pause to consider our Prince Charming's attire, but he was looking particularly great today. I guess, as an usher, the credit should go to the lovely bride for her color and fashion choices...I assume. Anyway, he looked pretty dashing and together they made quite the couple.

...not too dignified, though. Just a prince, horsing around.

Thanks to the nippy weather, the bride was obviously covered up, but from what can be seen, it looks like it was quite a dress.

We have just a few days until Kate's next public engagement!


  1. Such a beautiful look!! Hoping very much that is faux fur!

  2. She is so lovely. I love the fur, it adds such a feel of luxury.

  3. The Duchess was looking just stunning today. But she always does. William had that glow to him too. They looked so happy. I just wished we had more pictures of just the tow of them together. I missed seeing that look between them. But it ws not there day. Can not wait until Tuesday.

  4. I hope it was REAL fur

    1. Agree. Nothing wrong with real fur.

    2. Real fur = real pain, real fear, real agonisingly slow death. Nice!

  5. real fur is horrid its cruel there is no need to ware fur we dont want poor helpless animals that so terribly suffer ! and they so do its truly disgusting and vile being cruely killed skinned alive for fur how would you feel if your beautifull loving pet was made into a garment would you wear them no then why wear them its there skin not ours to wear its looks horrid and cruel boycott fur its not fashion its pure evil horrible murder thank you

  6. how can anyone say this fur hag looks good im so very sad that those think she looks good in dead animals wrapped around her neck ' there is nothing worse seeing those that think its ok its not its horrid animals so suffer being skinned alive . they drag them from were there resting in filth it does not end there ' they eather gass them break there necks or if they gas them they dont kill them strait away cause they so want animals to be half dead and they come round in the skinning procces it is a terrible death and you say fur is good she looks lovely shame shame shame . we dont have the same minds but you feel that's ok i feel think its so so sad and its animal cruelty im animal loving i dont cant stand those that wear fur from murderd animals see the vidos see the links and understand how i feel word of warning its the most terrible cruelty on animals !!!!!


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