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Kate with the Scouts in the Lake District

Friday, March 22, 2013

You can always be sure I will LOVE Kate's outdoor wear, and when Kate added a day with the scouts to her calendar I knew it would be a glorious profusion of Barbour and Le Chameau. Kate was right on point showing up to spend time with the scouts in a Barbour jacket and Le Chameau wellies. My day is made.

That Barbour jacket is actually a little on the lighter side, but Kate had layered at least three deep, so she was cozy as a bug in a rug. I see a black fleece peeking out, as well as a base sweater of some kind. Those Le Chameau wellies are ridiculously warm. They say in the description they keep you toasty, but it really is incredible just how toasty. Kate could not have been more prepared for a day in the snow!

The hat is a Really Wild Clothing item. Kate has loved this brand for years, as mentioned in previous posts, and I love when she wears anything from them. We don't see this kind of hat often, but she wore one very similar in 2006.

Kate Middleton in 2006
It looks like Kate's friend took some style inspiration from the Duchess, because that hat looks suspiciously similar to the Really Wild Clothing hat Kate has worn in the past, most notably the Gatcombe Park trials. 

Basically, on a day like today there isn't much to do but sit back and enjoy the photos. Kate looked right in her element, the kids seemed thrilled to have her there, and the adults all seemed to be having a blast, too. 

I particularly liked this photo of Kate down on the ground with the kids. Very cute! 

I can't believe Kate is already five months pregnant! It seems like it was just yesterday everyone was speculating about when she would have a baby, heck, it seems like she just got married!

We will see Kate and William very soon in Scotland--April 4th. Prince Charles will join them.  I love Scotland, so this should be fun!


  1. Great post! I like the photos you chose! Kates look is great!
    I love your blog, keep going!

    1. Thank you! So happy you come by and comment!

  2. Can't believe she got her hands all mucky with her precious ring on! Brave girl! All the pictures were lovely. She is glowing and you can hardly tell that she is pregnant!

    1. Yes, she is/was quite fit, so I think she is taking her pregnancy in perfect stride.

  3. There is some great video of her time with the kids. It's clearly a very different way of interacting with them than from the formal walk-abouts. VERY hands on & interactive, which is really the point of being a Scout Leader. She is, of course, always very interactive etc with the people she meets in crowds, but you get a sense that with a visit like this she truly understands that she is there for the kids, as a volunteer & not just as a royal. LOVE IT!

  4. i really love all of these photos so much!!!!


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