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Pips Pictured with Nico and Uncle Gary Chats with Hello!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Well, more pictures of Pippa and flame have hit the press, this time of them walking when they were in Switzerland together. To be honest, I do not even recognize him! He doesn't look anything like he did on Mustique or in the file pictures that were passed about. I thought his hair was much, much darker. Anyway, it is Nico and he needs a tailor. He is a pretty big guy, but he still looks like he is drowning in those clothes. I don't want to be too hard on him, though, because there is always the possibility his luggage was lost at the airport and he has been wearing what he could find...  Pippa looks lovely and that hat is particularly cute. The DM has more photos here.

Meanwhile, Uncle Gary Goldsmith must be in hot water with Momma Middleton after he gave an interview with Hello! magazine about none other than his royal niece, HRH Catherine. Gary told the magazine about the holiday he put together for William, Kate, & Co. on Ibiza where the boys got mud baths and they all learned to mix music from a DJ--in addition to the usual island festivities. He also claimed that the Gucci bag he gave to Kate when she was a teenager sparked her love of fashion. That makes sense to me--she sure has sported a lot of Gucci ever since. :) I am just being a little bit of a brat; I am sure Kate loved her Gucci purse. Anyway, he had a few other innocuous comments to make and they can all be found in your friendly neighborhood newspaper shop, or most of them can be found on...the DM, here. I think Uncle Gary is pretty harmless--none of this is shocking or unusual, I think he is just enjoying the spotlight and people are always looking for a new story. Let me put it to you this way, in a world where Kim Kardashian can have a TV show that documents every mundane minute of her life, Uncle Gary can have the occasional Hello! exclusive.


  1. I don’t care how much he enjoys the spotlight, which he has done nothing to deserve, other than doing cocaine and bragging about his abilities to arrange deliveries. A loyal relative never speak about their famous relative publically and cash in on it, especially when the Middletons have been nothing but discreet in the years William have been a part of their lives. It might be harmless, but it’s certainly embarrassing for Kate and the royal family to have such a shady person claiming to have been such a big part of Kate’s life and is responsible for everything from her interest in fashion to getting back together with William. I don’t think uncle Gary will have much to do with Kate, William or the baby after this.

  2. The Pipster looks good as usual. She is always seen in the company of handsome men. Lucky girl. I like the bag that her male friend has.

  3. I just started reading your blog and am quite enjoying it! I was thinking about Kate's Uncle Gary and while there is a bit of a dubious connection, it might be nice for her to have an unofficial way to get some information out there. Kate and the BRF shouldn't comment on stories such as Carole Middleton engineering Wills and Kate's marriage but there "might" be an understanding between them, where good 'ole Uncle Gary can contradict these stories in the press. Does that make sense? Anyway, just a thought! Keep up the awesome work!


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