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Happy Anniversary to Kate as She Wears Apricot Tara Jarmon to Naomi House Children's Hospice

Monday, April 29, 2013

Well, I was not expecting this one. On the 2nd anniversary of her wedding, Kate showed up at Naomi House Children's Hospice in...apricot!  Certainly a major pop of color from Kate who has favored more subdued colors for some time, particularly for daytime events.  It was a really fun change of pace, and a nice, cheerful color for her visit.  The paler dress contrasting with the deeper hue of the Tara Jarmon coat was perfect. The colors are bolder than usual, but remain delicate, and she accessorized with LK Bennet sledge shoes and matching clutch, both in neutral. I can't say for certain, but I have absolutely no recollection of Kate ever wearing this designer before, so that in itself is a little exciting.  Also of interest is that the designer is based in Paris, France, although she is Canadian.  Does that make her a Canadian or a French label?

I really do think this is a perfect outfit for the occasion. I really am enjoying the spring colors and Kate was really glowing.  I know I lightly criticized her video message for lacking personality, but Kate always shines so brightly at these functions.  Particularly when children are involved. You can see she is genuinely engaged by them, and really does empathize, not just sympathize with their plights. Her video addresses can improve with practice, but she is 10 on these public appearances.

Kate also performed a walkabout to greet the children of a local primary school:

People often mention how tall Kate is, but she met her match today. :)

Today is, of course, her anniversary, and I hope everyone is taking some time to relive just a little of the magic of that day!

Our first glimpse of the dress after so many months waiting and wondering...

Kate's last look back at the throngs of spectators as she entered the Abbey:

William and Kate's little smiles throughout the ceremony:

The heart-stopping moment the ring wouldn't slip on:

Emerging from the church as the new Duke and Duchess of Cambridge:

And of course the balcony time, and TWO kisses, not just one. It was our lucky day--and William's, too.

A video of the exchange of vows:

The Telegraph's highlights:

Balcony kiss and flyover:

William and Kate were spotted out in London this weekend for a quiet dinner together, and most speculate they were celebrating a little early since Wills is on duty in Anglesey today.  Have a wonderful rest of your Royal Wedding Day/Evening!

P.S. One of my readers left a comment on my earlier post, it was deleted when I reposted that entry, but I wanted to thank you for your kind words and your concern. I do appreciate it and took your advice into consideration. So far, so good. ;)


  1. Happy Anniversary to this beautiful & loving couple. To bad they had to spend it apart. But maybe after her engagement she will head to Anglesey to be with her Prince.

    I do have to say that this beautiful woman is just glowing. Being pregnant is sure agreeing with her. And man her tummy sure got bigger since The little royal had grown a little bit

    Great post. And nice to see you got your page fixed.

  2. I love this color combination, and especially the coat, bu just found it a little too short. The pictures where she is holding her clutch under her bump make the dress look really, really uncomfortably short!


    1. I think she probably dresses that short to show off her legs, which are staying beautifully slim. The coat and dress are divine, so flattering and Tara Jarmon is considered as a French designer, she makes the best coats, not unduly expensive. Thank you for the beautiful photos !

    2. Kate does like short, and I myself feel like these are a good length. She has gone a little too short, as she did with the Moolah coat, but all in all, I think as Silver Bunny says, highlighting her beautiful legs seems a good move. :)

  3. The dress might be Alexander McQueen crepe dress in blush (on the selfridges website)...looks similar


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