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Kate Releases First Video Message to Mark the Start of Children's Hospice Week

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Kate has appeared in her first video message today, released to highlight the beginning of Children's Hospice Week. Kate is wearing the black Topshop dress with the peter pan collar that she wore to the children's hospice with William. The coat was a little quirky that day, but I love the dress. It was a good choice for this video.

Kate wearing Topshop dress in March

I will risk the wrath of many readers and say that I don't think Kate is doing so well in terms of her public addresses. She seems stilted and fake, as if she is being too careful   None of her personality, which we know is bubbly and humorous, comes through.  Of course, the topic is not a happy one, and I am sure she will improve with time.


  1. If you look at Williams's video messages, they are virtually the same. Cold reading off a script, no smiles or thank yous at the end. Like reading the stock's about passing on information, not relationship building. That's what the personal visits are for. :-)

  2. I think she is doing remarkably well ; it must have been tough for her and quite intimidating but her speech is very clear and firm, very well adapted to the circumstances. Nice dress too !xx

  3. Good on you Jane for putting out some constructive criticism. DOC has a good image that needs a little fine-tuning - more sincerity in the speaking and more modest dressing required in my opinion.
    While we're at it, as much as I think the DOC is doing well, her skirts are just getting too short for someone in her position. A knee-grazing skirt doesn't necessarily equal matronly - but the Topshop lengths are too short.

  4. I agree with you on your comments regarding the DOC's speeches/addresses. They do seem to lack emotion and personality and seem very canned. All of her speeches so far seem to have included the usual platitudes that you would expect during a speech on difficult subjects, and it would be great if she could inject more personality and original thought into these speeches. I think it would do a great deal to help not only her image, but most importantly, the charities that she is supporting.

  5. Thank you Jane for your willingness to offer your honest opinion! I totally agree with you - in fact, my admiration of the duchess took a serious hit after seeing videos of her public speaking. From the UNICEF interview to the speeches she's given, she comes off as stilted, uninformed, and unprepared. NOT a good impression from a 31-year-old, college-educated royal who has all the resources in the world to prepare for these events. I don't think her hardcore fans are doing her any favors by insisting that people need to give her time, cut her some slack, etc etc . . . she needs to be held to the same standards that other royal women are held to and treated like the professional woman she should be, that's the only way she'll improve and grow into her role.

    - Whitney

  6. In my opinion she is doing great, she seems to be a very nice woman. Wish her the best of luck. Besides that, a picture is worth thousand words... the video is impressive !


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