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Kate Wears Mulberry at Windsor Castle for National Review of Queen's Scouts

Monday, April 22, 2013

Today is Her Majesty the queen's birthday, and while the birthday girl marked her special day privately, the stunning Duchess of Cambridge stepped in for her at Windsor Castle for the National Review of the Queen's Scouts.  (Today's post is so late in the evening/early in the morning that it is actually tomorrow) Who better to take on this job than Kate, who has been so involved with the scouts, both publicly and privately?

Kate chose a delicate minty green coat by Mulberry and rewore the neutral hat she first debuted at the Epsom Derby not long after her marriage in 2011 and at the wedding of a friend. (The wedding when she wore the Katherine Hooker coat with the dress from the Santa Barbara polo match. Not my fave, but...) I love, love, love this!  Kate wobbles recently with an ill-fitting coat that was just too short, but she has hit her stride again with this.  It fits well over her burgeoning bump, without overwhelming her, and it is long enough to maintain decorum, but still short enough to highlight her beautiful legs and remind us that pregnancy hasn't changed her.  Perfect!

When I saw the above photo I thought, gosh that boy-scout looks really familiar. Well, it is Bear Grylls!  Ha, my brothers have been known to watch the occasional survival show.... To me, this is a mile-marker outfit, because she is well and truly pregnant. Every other public outing we have seen her at, she has downplayed and concealed her pregnancy remarkably well, but she has now gotten far enough along that it is hard to minimize. Thankfully, she has hit the absolute perfect tone with this outfit.

The coat doesn't come with a dress when advertised, so I am not sure where she got the dress she is obviously wearing underneath, but it matched the color of the coat to perfection.  Whether this was provided by Mulberry, or whether Kate is just that much of a fashionista is not clear.

I absolutely love Windsor. Such an historical castle, so, so very beautiful, and the site of one of the best annual events on the royal calendar--the Order of the Garter ceremony!  This is getting me very excited for summer. The coat is almost retro. It is super cute and I was so thrilled to see her looking so fabulous!


  1. Loved this outfit, it was nice to see Kate in a different colour; the mint green was so spring-like. She looks SO healthy and happy. What do you think of the report that Kate will be spending the weeks immediately after the baby's birth at her mother's, Jane? I can understand her wanting her mother nearby for help and advice but I'm not sure that moving in there will help her and William bond with their baby. IF the reports are true, of course. Annie, UK

  2. This is so perfect!! I love it, she really found the right look, as you say. Can't wait for her next engagement!


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