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Pippa Middleton Takes on Charity Work for Mary Hare School in Tory Burch

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Pippa has recently been in the news thanks to her column in Waitrose's magazine, where she writes a cooking section.  But, it looks like Pips also enjoys jobs a little more in line with those engagements carried out by her royal sister. Pippa has become an ambassador for the Mary Hare School in Berkshire--a school for deaf children.  The website states that Pippa will be lending her support to fundraise for the school. In that capacity, she opened the school's new boarding facility.

Americans will be interested to know that Pippa chose a Tory Burch suit for the occasion, although, she should take a tip from her public-engament-experienced sister, and carry a clutch.  Something to do with awkward hands...  I think that Pippa will probably take a lot of flak for this, and I can't help but feel the palace won't be pleased either. This will fuel the "Pippa thinks she is a royal" attitude, but frankly, every movie star on the planet does the same thing. Pippa is a celebrity--thanks to her sister--and so she can be an effective ambassador.

The above photo is on the Mary Hare website.

Last week Pips was out in London with her BF, Nico, for a party at LouLou's:

And just recently she took to the town with a friend, dressing up her jeans with a jacket from Beulah, a label Kate and her mother have worn in the past.


  1. I can't really blame her, although it does look like she is play-acting being a princess like Kate. She seems lost, honestly.

  2. I am of the opinion, based on several books, good and bad, that I have read on Kate
    and her family, that Pippa was Ma Middletons favourite child. Kate seems to be the
    ugly duckling who unexpectedly turned into a swan. It further seems that Ma and
    Pippa and the rest of the family are having a hard time adjusting to the new reality.

    Even on Kates wedding day, which Ma partially subsidized, therefore giving her a
    say in the proceedings, Ma made sure that both James and Pippa--or rather, Pippas
    bum--were given starring roles. Pippa, a younger version of Ma, promptly jumped
    aboard Kates wedding gown train, and has been clinging to it tenaciously ever since,
    damaging her sisters rep.

    God forbid anyone should have a sister as obnoxious as Pippa.

    1. Why is it that everyone seems to think Pippa's bum at the wedding a premeditated furor? She wore a flattering dress, she is in greta shape, and people noticed, but to say she choreographed it is ludicrous. Obviously, she is the flashier sister and Kate did have an ugly duckling ascendency, but give it a rest always attacking Pippa and Mrs. Middleton. Kate wouldn't thank you for attacking her family.

    2. I thought it very gracious that Kate was willing to have her sister look that spectacular at her wedding, and it in no way detracted from the bride at all.

      Pippa acquitted herself very well at this week's engagement -- following royal dress protocol as well.

    3. Goodness, do I feel bad for Pippa. Honestly, whenever I see remarks about how classy or elegant or poised Kate is, accompanied by negative comments about Pippa, all I can think is that if William had married the other sister, the comments would TOTALLY be reversed. Pippa would be the classy, hardworking royal, and Kate would be the wannabe riding on her sister's coattails.

      Seriously, I'm willing to give Kate credit where credit is due, as she generally seems happy when she works (although I am one of those who thinks ALL of her weeks would be as busy as this one in order for her to be considered a full-time working royal) and she dresses quite well. But let's face it, 95% of the positive press she gets is because she's a duchess married to the future King of England. I really don't think that in terms of personality, looks, or class she so far outstrips Pippa, it's just that Kate was lucky enough to be the sister with a title.

    4. Don't agree Pippa revels in the glory she's receiving for her butt and other parts

  3. I'm Mexican and I always see this blog and translate everything, I'll put in Spanish to say everything I want.

    Siempre me ha encantado Kate, la sigo y amo todo lo que usa, sin embargo, en muchas ocaciones Pippa ha intentado que la fama que le genero la boda real no decaiga, asi que usa todo lo que puede para seguir viva al ojo del publico y este es un ejemplo exagerado de querer igualar a Kate...

    Como dicen anteriormente, al parecer Kate era la hermana fea y Pippa era la extrovertida, la amiguera y la que sobresalia por su personalidad y ahora es opacada.. Ni modo y aunque es dificil tiene que saber sobrellevar que su hermana es la importante ahora y siempre..

    AMO TU BLOG!!!!!!

    1. Hi Eugenia!
      Sorry it has taken me so long to respond! I don't speak Spanish, so I tried to use the Bing translator, which can be pretty good, but it wasn't ideal this time. I think I got the idea that you were trying to convey about Pippa and I think I agree with you on most points! I hope PIppa finds something to do where she can sort of define herself outside of the royal shadow she is in right now.

      I did understand your last comment, and THANK YOU, so much. I really am thrilled to hear you enjoy the blog.

      xoxo, Jane

  4. I am sorry to say I have grown to dislike Pippa more and more. It seems to me that she revels in the reflected glory of her sister - almost every time you see her photographed casually, she's looking up at the camera with a smug grin on her face. She's had a book deal and a Waitrose column so far, both of which are very poor and would have got neither on her own merit. You never ever see siblings of other people who have married into the RF carving themselves out a "celebrity" niche ... and all for wearing a fitted bridesmaid's dress! I don't normally rant like this but Pippa has done absolutely nothing to merit her so-called 'celebrity', arguably even less than one of those ghastly reality TV people. Her behaviour is not always flattering to her sister's position and I think she really needs to be taken aside by someone at the Palace and told firmly to back down before she embarrasses Kate.

  5. i think its great to read some post about pippa, not only kate! Thank you, good job!

  6. We like to look at pretty people. We like to ascribe to people qualities of kind, cheeky, gauche, to create story lines from what are truly just the unfolding days of their unknown-to-us lives. The middletons, the mountbatten-windsors, movie stars... they are living their lives and making bargains of how much to share, how much to gain. Sometimes they balance the 2 by pulling worthy anons into our already following gaze. Family of royals are always notable-- hence the arisocracy, nobility, socialites. I only know of 1 who's ever well and truly bowed out of the bargain-- is it the Duchess of Kent, etc.-- the one who became a piano teacher, shy, private really genuinely accepts none of the pros or cons. The rest muddle thru, prettily.

  7. So pretty and so kindheartedly, you are our Queen, truly Queen.


    link for familycare (FCF)

  8. Pippa's clothes are pretier then kate's but kate is prettier.


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