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Kate Wears Sneakers As She Shops Chelsea for Lighting

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Do you know what we don't see Kate wearing often? Sneakers aka trainers!  The beautiful Duchess was dressed down yesterday to shop in Chelsea for all manner of home goods, as her new Kensington apartment continues to be readied for the move.  Kate was out and about despite the poor weather.  The pictures are not all that good, unfortunately, but they do allow us to see she was wearing jeans and sneakers, an as yet unseen Zara coat, and the Aquascutum scarf she seems to love so much. Kate first debuted that scarf in Canada, I think, and is often spotted wearing it when out for a spot of shopping.

From the look of the umbrella, she didn't come prepared with her own umbrella. E!online reported on Kate's shopping day:
According to a source, Kate had breakfast at the Dome Cafe in Chelsea Harbour around 11 a.m. She then spent a couple hours at the Design Centre, also located in Chelsea Harbour, where she was apparently looking at lighting.
After that, Kate went to a carpet shop on Lots Road, where she stayed for approximately 45 minutes.
Unfortunately, it seems unlikely we will get a guided tour of the couples private apartment, but with all the shopping Kate has been doing, I am sure it will be absolutely fabulous.  As usual, i love these shots. She just looks so great in candids!

Love the hair:

Meanwhile, Pips was out to lunch with Vanity Fair and noted fashionista/os, including Tom Ford and Jemima Khan--don't miss the Princess Diana connection there, folks. I kid. Really. Don't bring that up.

As is her wont, Pippa went edgier than I might be fully comfortable with myself, but I sit here on the sidelines and applaud. I like, even if I do not dare.  That being said, our faux-Princess, as I think some like to refer to her, was out clubbing earlier this month in the same jacket, but very eye-catching trousers. I won't tell you what I think of these, because I know you can guess.


  1. I love her sporty cozy chic outfit.I love the sneakers & earrings. Affordable & cute. I would TOTALLY wear both!

    I also love the fact that she is trying to do normal things. It would be so easy for her to hide at home & shop on line or have vendors come to her. Good for her for doing her best to "be normal" & not become a hermit. Once the baby comes I think she will stay home a bit more so I think it's great that she is getting out & about while she can.

    I am so curious as to know what her style is when it comes to decorating her home. I imagine that it is sort of feminine but not overly flowery or fussy. I am sure it is a lot like her fashion: chic, modern, practical, stylish & fun! xo Lulu

    1. Hey Lulu! Thanks for stopping by. I agree, I love that she still shops and drives and decorates herself. I fee like when she was decorating the cottage we heard a lot about what she was buying and it was as you described it, not fussy, but simple, elegant. She had chosen a specific scent for something, and I feel like it was a little musky. I loved it! I am sure the cottage is LOVELY. I can only imagine how the apartment will turn out.

  2. Nice hair, my opinion also!
    I like Pippa's bags. Who are they by?

    1. I love her clutch! It is LK Bennett and the bag is Kate Spade. Not as much a fan of the Kate Spade, but I want that clutch!

  3. I love seeing Kate 'off duty', she always looks so pretty and I loved the hairstyle for he shopping trip - so pretty. It's funny the different words used for trainers, sneakers in the USA and in my country of Wales, they are known as daps! Annie, UK

    1. Ahhh, daps? I had never heard that. Now I will have to add daps to the list. :)

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