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Has Kate Abandoned Richard Ward for Another Salon?

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Has Kate changed her hairstylist?  On June 19th, Kate was photographed going to the Rossano Ferretti salon.  I think women have to change their stylist every now and again. I know some women who have stuck with the same stylist for years, but I think that takes a special personality. We know that Kate has been with Richard Ward for years, but perhaps after all the unpleasantness of the Pryce breakaway she was anxious for change. Kate was photographed through the window at Ward's salon in September of 2011 getting her famous blow-out with curls:

Her hair stylists made headlines when James Pryce, chief stylist at Ward's London salon, took flight after disagreements with Ward. James Pryce was reputed to be the one who styled Kate's hair on the big day, and traveled with her on her first overseas tour--Canada 2011.  He left the salon in November of 2011 amid controversy that he was trying to take Pips and Carole with him.

Remember when Carole was photographed lunching with Pippa? She was carrying a Rossano Ferretti bag. If this were a murder mystery we'd definitely have smelled a rat...

Rumor also has it that Ward was the one who gave Kate the fringe that caused such a curffuffle in the last year. Maybe that is why she moved on. I had a hair stylist who made an irretrievable disaster before a really big date I had. I am not saying I don't like her, just that I never went back...  Given the fact that Carole obviously goes to Ferretti, that Pippa has been spotted there, and Kate has now been papped going to the salon I think it is safe to say she has made the switch.  That being said, anyone who gets her hair done as often as Kate can afford to spread the love, so we may see her patronize both salons.

I just love it when pictures of Kate land in a magazine that is hard to get a hold of. As of right now, this is the only shot I can get my hands on--feel free to share if you have better ones. When more become available, and they will, I will post them for your viewing pleasure.  It seems like she has switched, which wouldn't be so shocking for the average person, but the very high publicity that Ward and Pryce garnered makes this special. As is seemingly every detail in Kate's life. :)

I did close the blog for a few hours today to switch things up a little. The results being less than satisfactory, expect more changes in the next week or so. I guess I am getting restless in the run-up to Baby Cambridge's arrival...and we needed a makeover in general. Sometimes a girl's gotta change her layout...or her hair stylist.

Bonne Soirée, kids!

Pictures of Kate Shopping in Polka Dots

Friday, June 28, 2013

One of my friends over at the Italian blog, Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge, shared the recent photos of Kate shopping. These were published in Women's Day Australia.  We haven't seen her wear anything this revealing since, gosh, the MaxMara she wore when she first started stepping out after the pregnancy announcement.

Kate is super classic in her taste, but she also has always had a penchant for the flirty and young looks. I think polka dots fit that description, and this is a good example. It reminded me of the red dress she wore to polo years ago before she married William...only in black, obviously.

Is it me, or does it look like Kate has an outie?  :)

I am dying for her to have this baby. She is probably dying to have this baby, too...

Dress Like THE Duchess: Aquatalia Rumba Boots Re-issued!

Kate first debuted them in Scotland on her Engagement Tour of the UK in the lead-up to the royal wedding. Her black Aquatalia boots got almost as much attention as the red Luisa Spagnoli suit she was wearing, which literally caused physical confrontations at the stores from which it sold out.

Kate's signature was black suede boots; she wore them everywhere--and still wears them with regularity--but they were her uniform for many years.

With William when he got his wings:

Summertime heading to the Diana concert--right before it broke that the two had reconciled!

Partying like a...Princess: 

This is my favorite outfit--ever. So it gets two pictures:

On other sparkly occasions:

Just walking to work like a normal person:

I won't belabor the point, we could be here all day, and you get the pictures. ;)  Kate is a major fan of boots.  But the excitement over the Aquatalias was because they stood out with their sleek and streamlined appearance. They hugged her legs perfectly with a smooth transition from boot to stockings. 

The Aquatalia Rhumba boots sold out, but remain one of the most popular boots she has worn. Now, Aquatalia has reissued the Rhumba and you can snag a pair yourself, if you don't already have them!

I have these boots and I absolutely love them!  They have a manageable 3.25" heel with a platform, so you can wear them all day and walk with ease.  They are well cushioned and the round toe is very foot friendly. I was particularly struck by Aquatalia's weatherproofing--they claim to be waterproof! I have to say I have never really tested this in any rigorous fashion. When it snows or rains I usually choose something else, but it is nice not to worry too much about the weather when you walk out the door in  the morning. If it rains, they come through just fine! Kate has worn them many times since the St. Andrew's appearance, below are several of my favorite Rhumba moments:

Hmm, she loves olive green, too... Anyway, the boots are wonderfully versatile and ridiculously comfortable. Worth the $698 price tag. Find them for sale here

Kate Shops for Antiques During Percy Wedding

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

I know I promised this post yesterday, but the last 48 hours were just a little too busy. But, now we are getting to it... Kate did miss the society wedding of the year, but although she couldn't make the 300 mile journey to Northumberland, she did get out and about locally as she perused antique shops on Saturday.

She was at Youlls Antiques in Hungerford, Berkshire, very close to her family's home.  Perhaps she was shopping for KP, or maybe looking for a unique piece to gift her parents for their anniversary?  Kate was wearing black skinnies, ballet flats, and was covered up in a loose, open trench coat.  Her hair stole the show, as usual, reminding us all why it is constantly rated one of the top envies of women the world over. Even on a Saturday shopping trip it looks stunning.  

I wanted to quickly tell you several interesting rumors I have read recently. The first was a bookie who slashed the odds on "Mary" as a possibility for Baby Cambridge because a well dressed man came from Ascot and placed a huge bet on Mary. A spokesman in the article said:
"The mystery punter came into one of our shops in west London, in full Ascot fig with a top hat and tails. £100 is a huge bet for this market, where the average bet just £3 so we are a little nervous that a member of the party at Royal Ascot has let the possible name slip,"
I am going to break my usual habit of being very, very skeptical and say that this one kind of piqued my interest. First of all, the guy has a point, although with the vino flowing at Ascot it could be as likely that this was a bet on a bet! "Hey, see if you can spike speculation with an absurdly large bet!"  Who knows, nevertheless, Mary is a Windsor family name, and we all expect Wills and Kate to choose with tradition in mind.  Lastly, let's be honest, William and Kate are HUGE Downton Abbey fans. Who doesn't love Mary??  

That was interesting rumor number one. Number two is the possibility that Kate and William may have lightly exaggerated the due date to give themselves some privacy and breathing room. Supposedly, Diana did something similar when she announced a July birth and delivered William in June.  This seems less likely to me, but it would explain why she won't travel.  We shall see soon enough!

The Daily Mail just published an old photo of Wills and Kate. They say it was taken a month ago, but that just can't be right given how advanced (or I should say not advanced) she looks. Get the whole scoop at the DM here

Anyway, a little Pippa news, perchance?  Yes please.  Wait, let's actually do a quick wedding recap, since so many of our favorites were present.

The bride looked like a princess, which was appropriate to my mind given her family's prominence. They are a baby royal family in their town.  Chelsy was looking lovely as the Maid of Honor, and totally appropriate. If every time a woman wears a flattering dress she is skewered like Pippa at the Royal Wedding, we may be dealing with oversexed viewers, not an oversexed woman. 

Isn't this handsome prince looking cheerful?

Harry and Cressida were also looking great.  We have learned one thing about Cressida. She loves her maxi dresses...and sparkles...and flowers. This is the second wedding she has opted for floor length where most went structured. I am a fan of the maxi dress myself, so I can't complain that she dances to the beat of her own drum.

That being said, the duo were snapped returning to London and all I can say is...what is she wearing??? 

Back to our favorite royal sister-in-law-- Pippa is hit and miss for these weddings. For me, this was a miss. I don't like the uneven peplum and I hate the busy print. It's like someone threw paint at the fabric, it is bad. The hat was structured, so points for that, but those tall spikes remind me of Maleficent, the evil step-mother of Sleeping Beauty. Not good.  It wasn't ideal, but I have seen worse, and she was glowingly lovely--that will take you a ways. :)

She didn't miss a beat, and was photographed back in London schlepping groceries home from Waitrose. Perhaps, she was pulling something together for her column? I like this!  Great color for her skin tone, feminine and professional styling--she looks tired, but she looks good.

We are not done, though! Despite the fact that her sister is shunning the spotlight as she waits out the last few weeks of her pregnancy, Pippa dropped into the Royal Box at Wimbledon with her brother James to take in some tennis.  Both looked appropriately dapper. Pippa was looking much better this year, (after yet another overly busy peplum disaster from last year) and seemed, if I may say so, to be channeling just a hint of her sister's tennis style. 

The jacket over the dress is reminding me of Kate's beautiful ensemble last year when the sisters watched the final game.  

Maybe you are thinking well, Pippa struck out at the wedding, and maybe you didn't love the peachy suit dress, and maybe you weren't that keen on the Wimbledon blue, but I now present to you Pip's pièce de résistance. This was a week or so ago, at Ascot, but it was marvelous from tip to toe. I gasped when I saw the pictures. Light and airy, delicate colors, absolutely perfect hat--it was a true triumph:

Well done Pippa Middleton, well done. 

Ok, kids, I have now shared the majority of my royal musings for the moment.  Get more photos of Kate shopping at PopSugar by clicking here and let's keep an eye out for more of Kate wandering the streets of Berkshire or maybe somewhere closer to Buckingham Palace... ;)

Where is Wills? Baby News and Percy Wedding [Update]

Friday, June 21, 2013

Well, we are going to have a quick update before the weekend.  As you probably are already aware, the Palace issued  some of the details about the impending accouchement.  As is often the case with Palace briefs, it was a complete no-news announcement.  We already had guessed as much on every point, but it is nice to have confirmation, I suppose.  Soooo, running through the bullet points quickly:
  1. If possible, since he could be on duty in Anglesey, William will be present at the delivery. If this was news to anyone you are more behind the times than Princess Anne's outfit at the Gloucester wedding. (if this reference escapes you, click here.)
  2. Kate has opted for a natural, as opposed to C-section, delivery.  No surprise here, either. Kate is down to earth, healthy, and fit. Always better to avoid surgery--did anyone really think she would go c-section?
  3. Kate will deliver at the Lindo Wing of St. Mary's Hospital. This was the odds-on favorite for...forever. Diana delivered both her sons at this hospital and they have the full layout to give top quality care with privacy and discretion.
  4. This one is my favorite. They do not know the sex of the baby. It has amused me to no end that they have done nothing but insist they don't know, and everyone essentially calls "liar" every. single. time. Again, William and Kate may be royal, but they are people, too. Many couples still elect to find out the gender when the baby is born.  
  5. They announced the doctors' names, which was of fairly little interest, except that Dr. Marcus Setchell--the Queen's OBGYN-- is coming out of retirement for the birth. (Or just postponing retirement??)
  6. Although aids obviously have a backup plan should Kate go into labor in Anglesey, the Duchess is not expected to be out that way again until after the birth....
You see where this is going. No news, but fun to kick it around anyway. There has been a lot of speculation about the Middletons involvement in all this, and the usual plethora of nasty articles. This baby is going to be half Windsor and half Middleton, and if what my friends tell me is correct, the maternal grandmother always claims the child. Whatever the case may be for the majority, there is another difference here that strengthens Carole's hold as primary grandmother. She is the only one alive! In case everyone has forgotten, Diana, Princess of Wales, died in a car crash over ten years ago. So, I am thinking that yes, as the only surviving grandmother and the fact that this will be her daughter's child, I think it likely she will have plenty of influence.

That being said, has the Royal Family ever not had their fair sway over any person bearing their name? No. So let's all relax. Hopefully this kid will be normal and adjusted with a great relationship both with his mother's and father's side. Honestly, when people get all worked up about whether Carole and the Middletons will have "undue" influence, it strikes me more that these people are not concerned with a fair split, but that Carole be slighted.

This weekend, William and Harry will be at the society wedding of Lady Melissa Jane Percy and Thomas van Straubenzee to be held at Alnwick Castle.  You no doubt recognize Alnwick Castle as the hereditary castle and home of the Duke of Northumberland. George Percy, oft seen with Pips, is the heir to title. I expect we will see her, too.

This region was known in the middle ages as Northumbria and was very rough and wild. Because their land bordered Scotland, the barons who ruled the north were powerful warlords.  The Percy clan is particularly prominent in British history, as they played key roles in policy and war.  The de Percy --obvious French influence--Barons held the northern frontier and during the reign of Edward III, the 4th Baron Percy was raised to Duke of Northumberland. The Percy history is pretty fascinating, as is all of medieval British history, but suffice it to say, this is a very cool wedding, and extremely appropriate that both Princes have key roles. 

Chelsy Davy and Melissa Percy horse around after Rehearsal 

Back to 2013.  Chelsy Davy is the Maid of Honor, but Cressida Bonas will also be attending.  You can see how there are so many levels of interest to this wedding... even so, Kate has decided a trip to the far north is not wise, even though the castle was used for the Harry Potter movies! Not terribly surprising, it is said she probably will spend the majority of her time either in London at KP or with her family in Berkshire. 

Well it is the summer solstice, Fête de la Musique à Paris, the longest day of the year, the list goes on, but since we are speaking of royals, babies, and birthdays, today is Prince William's birthday! The Duke of Cambridge arrived at Alnmouth looking ready to get busy on wedding preparations. And yes, he was wearing THE trainers. I love these darn shoes, may he never stop wearing them.  Today is also my sister's birthday. My brother was born on January 9, which is Kate's birthday. How I missed both auspicious dates is unclear to me, but a Happy Birthday to Wills and to Mlle Barr.

[Update]  Lulu just mentioned on Facebook that today is also Carole and Mike Middleton's wedding anniversary! I had completely forgotten! Well, I think we can make a safe bet that Kate was celebrating with her parents, even if she is missing the wedding fun! 

Time is flying; Baby Cambridge will be among us before we know it.

Kate Attends Trooping 2013

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Certainly one of the best times of year for royal watching, the Trooping the Colour, soon to be followed by the Order of the Garter in a few days, is the perfect opportunity to see the royal family at their best. British tradition and pageant at its best. As was expected, Kate did attend the Queen's official birthday, as William took part in the parade.

Kate has always gone with a soft palette for this day, both because I think those colors suit her and to try and stay cool in the sun. This dress coat, unsurprisingly, is whispered to be a bespoke McQueen.  She wore that amazing white McQueen to her first Trooping and that not so amazing Erdem to her second. We are back to a good McQueen, it seems.

I always enjoy when William is back in this uniform. It reminds me so much of the Royal Wedding and I just love that hat which reminds me of...The Little Princess with Shirley Temple. Or a book of a bear in a marching band who wore one of these tall hats. Few things look so uncomfortable and so awesome all at once. Prince Charles and the Princess Royal were also on horseback:

As usual with the Trooping, we never really get to see the whole effect because she is either seated in the carriage or partially concealed by the balcony. Nevertheless, this coat is obviously flattering from what can be seen--which you would expect from Burton. I really like the wide collar, over-sized buttons, and the sloping pockets.  They all give details that break the block up and make it very pregnancy-friendly. It is a beautiful coat.  You can see the pockets when they are at attention:

We seriously should have a page dedicated to Harry making Kate laugh. He must be hilarious:

Of course, who could forget this hat? One of my favorites from Kate, she debuted it at the Queen's garden party last year. Again, it pairs perfectly with a more simple outfit because it is so busy!! 
The horsemen (and lady) along with HM joined the other royals on the balcony for the flyover.

A quick clip from BBC:

And some, at times wobbly, video from the spectator's perspective:

It is hard for me to believe that Kate would skip the Garter Ceremony in two days, unless it is unbearably hot and she doesn't want to debut another pregnancy outfit. Hard to say, but we shall see. Right now many are saying she won't be there. 

Windsor/Middleton Update

Friday, June 14, 2013

Well, Kate is somewhere with her feet up, I assume, as she should be.  William took a train from Anglesey back to London on Wednesday.  Today, he popped into the hospital with Harry to visit his grandfather. The word must have gone out, because it was a busy day for visitors. Charles and Camilla accompanied the Wales boys, and the York girls came by earlier in the day.

My gosh he loves those trainers:

Meanwhile, Pip and Mrs. Middleton have been spotted taking in a game of tennis at the Queen's Club. You have to hand it to Pippa, she always look so darn cute at these tennis events. I love the whole knit look she has going here. The color is perfect with her tan, too.

Doesn't she look like Kate here?

And what has James been up to?  Romancing his blond lady-friend, Donna Air, that's what.

Who is Donna Air, you ask? I have no idea. Someone with beautiful legs who is dating Kate's brother. (Well, I just Googled her and she is a TV presenter and actress.  Perhaps you knew that...)

The trailer for the Naomi Watts Diana movie has been released and I have to say I am excited. It looks like it might be a little overdramatized, but I will definitely be seeing it. This is, of course, the girl who watched the Lifetime Will and Kate movie. I may have cringed through the whole thing, but I would do it again.

Diana was much more beautiful than Watts, but we will have to work with that.

I will be surprised if we do not see Kate at the trooping tomorrow, so tune in again soon!