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Where is Wills? Baby News and Percy Wedding [Update]

Friday, June 21, 2013

Well, we are going to have a quick update before the weekend.  As you probably are already aware, the Palace issued  some of the details about the impending accouchement.  As is often the case with Palace briefs, it was a complete no-news announcement.  We already had guessed as much on every point, but it is nice to have confirmation, I suppose.  Soooo, running through the bullet points quickly:
  1. If possible, since he could be on duty in Anglesey, William will be present at the delivery. If this was news to anyone you are more behind the times than Princess Anne's outfit at the Gloucester wedding. (if this reference escapes you, click here.)
  2. Kate has opted for a natural, as opposed to C-section, delivery.  No surprise here, either. Kate is down to earth, healthy, and fit. Always better to avoid surgery--did anyone really think she would go c-section?
  3. Kate will deliver at the Lindo Wing of St. Mary's Hospital. This was the odds-on favorite for...forever. Diana delivered both her sons at this hospital and they have the full layout to give top quality care with privacy and discretion.
  4. This one is my favorite. They do not know the sex of the baby. It has amused me to no end that they have done nothing but insist they don't know, and everyone essentially calls "liar" every. single. time. Again, William and Kate may be royal, but they are people, too. Many couples still elect to find out the gender when the baby is born.  
  5. They announced the doctors' names, which was of fairly little interest, except that Dr. Marcus Setchell--the Queen's OBGYN-- is coming out of retirement for the birth. (Or just postponing retirement??)
  6. Although aids obviously have a backup plan should Kate go into labor in Anglesey, the Duchess is not expected to be out that way again until after the birth....
You see where this is going. No news, but fun to kick it around anyway. There has been a lot of speculation about the Middletons involvement in all this, and the usual plethora of nasty articles. This baby is going to be half Windsor and half Middleton, and if what my friends tell me is correct, the maternal grandmother always claims the child. Whatever the case may be for the majority, there is another difference here that strengthens Carole's hold as primary grandmother. She is the only one alive! In case everyone has forgotten, Diana, Princess of Wales, died in a car crash over ten years ago. So, I am thinking that yes, as the only surviving grandmother and the fact that this will be her daughter's child, I think it likely she will have plenty of influence.

That being said, has the Royal Family ever not had their fair sway over any person bearing their name? No. So let's all relax. Hopefully this kid will be normal and adjusted with a great relationship both with his mother's and father's side. Honestly, when people get all worked up about whether Carole and the Middletons will have "undue" influence, it strikes me more that these people are not concerned with a fair split, but that Carole be slighted.

This weekend, William and Harry will be at the society wedding of Lady Melissa Jane Percy and Thomas van Straubenzee to be held at Alnwick Castle.  You no doubt recognize Alnwick Castle as the hereditary castle and home of the Duke of Northumberland. George Percy, oft seen with Pips, is the heir to title. I expect we will see her, too.

This region was known in the middle ages as Northumbria and was very rough and wild. Because their land bordered Scotland, the barons who ruled the north were powerful warlords.  The Percy clan is particularly prominent in British history, as they played key roles in policy and war.  The de Percy --obvious French influence--Barons held the northern frontier and during the reign of Edward III, the 4th Baron Percy was raised to Duke of Northumberland. The Percy history is pretty fascinating, as is all of medieval British history, but suffice it to say, this is a very cool wedding, and extremely appropriate that both Princes have key roles. 

Chelsy Davy and Melissa Percy horse around after Rehearsal 

Back to 2013.  Chelsy Davy is the Maid of Honor, but Cressida Bonas will also be attending.  You can see how there are so many levels of interest to this wedding... even so, Kate has decided a trip to the far north is not wise, even though the castle was used for the Harry Potter movies! Not terribly surprising, it is said she probably will spend the majority of her time either in London at KP or with her family in Berkshire. 

Well it is the summer solstice, Fête de la Musique à Paris, the longest day of the year, the list goes on, but since we are speaking of royals, babies, and birthdays, today is Prince William's birthday! The Duke of Cambridge arrived at Alnmouth looking ready to get busy on wedding preparations. And yes, he was wearing THE trainers. I love these darn shoes, may he never stop wearing them.  Today is also my sister's birthday. My brother was born on January 9, which is Kate's birthday. How I missed both auspicious dates is unclear to me, but a Happy Birthday to Wills and to Mlle Barr.

[Update]  Lulu just mentioned on Facebook that today is also Carole and Mike Middleton's wedding anniversary! I had completely forgotten! Well, I think we can make a safe bet that Kate was celebrating with her parents, even if she is missing the wedding fun! 

Time is flying; Baby Cambridge will be among us before we know it.


  1. Oh, Princess Anne. She is something. Always enjoy the history stuff!

  2. Great post! I absolutely thought that Kate would have a c-section! Most "celebrities" do, because it leaves their unmentionables undisturbed (can't think of a different way to say that), and it's easy and scheduled. However, I'm SO very glad that once again, she proves to be so much more classy than celebrities!

    1. I can see why people thought she might, but I do think that prevailing medical wisdom is that it isn't terribly healthy and recovery time, scars, all together I can't imagine it won't fade in popularity. She is a class act. :)

  3. That seems very awkward to have all those people there together. I guess it is a small aristocratic world. Still, this is a big wedding to miss, Kate must be disappointed.

  4. hello! do you know where i can find all these details in the palace's site? i mean... the original statement.
    Thank u

  5. Alan Farthing isn't coming out of retirement he's not even approaching retirement age.

    1. Yes!! You are absolutely right! He is the doctor whose wife was murdered. I mixed my names--this girl is not a royal doctor expert. I forgot to fix that in this most recent post, but I will update soon! Sorry!

  6. I so, so wish that Harry and Chelsy had made it as a couple, they always seemed so right for each other. Annie, UK

    1. Me too! I LOVED them together, and held out hope for so long. Seems over now, though. :(

  7. kate was seen shopping the last weekend! in hungerford!
    Pictures are available... Martina, Italy

    1. Hi Martina! yes, I had wanted to post immediately, but I just didn't have a spare second. Real life. :( The post is up now, though, so let me know your thoughts!!


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