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Dress Like THE Duchess: Aquatalia Rumba Boots Re-issued!

Friday, June 28, 2013

Kate first debuted them in Scotland on her Engagement Tour of the UK in the lead-up to the royal wedding. Her black Aquatalia boots got almost as much attention as the red Luisa Spagnoli suit she was wearing, which literally caused physical confrontations at the stores from which it sold out.

Kate's signature was black suede boots; she wore them everywhere--and still wears them with regularity--but they were her uniform for many years.

With William when he got his wings:

Summertime heading to the Diana concert--right before it broke that the two had reconciled!

Partying like a...Princess: 

This is my favorite outfit--ever. So it gets two pictures:

On other sparkly occasions:

Just walking to work like a normal person:

I won't belabor the point, we could be here all day, and you get the pictures. ;)  Kate is a major fan of boots.  But the excitement over the Aquatalias was because they stood out with their sleek and streamlined appearance. They hugged her legs perfectly with a smooth transition from boot to stockings. 

The Aquatalia Rhumba boots sold out, but remain one of the most popular boots she has worn. Now, Aquatalia has reissued the Rhumba and you can snag a pair yourself, if you don't already have them!

I have these boots and I absolutely love them!  They have a manageable 3.25" heel with a platform, so you can wear them all day and walk with ease.  They are well cushioned and the round toe is very foot friendly. I was particularly struck by Aquatalia's weatherproofing--they claim to be waterproof! I have to say I have never really tested this in any rigorous fashion. When it snows or rains I usually choose something else, but it is nice not to worry too much about the weather when you walk out the door in  the morning. If it rains, they come through just fine! Kate has worn them many times since the St. Andrew's appearance, below are several of my favorite Rhumba moments:

Hmm, she loves olive green, too... Anyway, the boots are wonderfully versatile and ridiculously comfortable. Worth the $698 price tag. Find them for sale here


  1. I love that sparkly dress, too; she is just stunning. The rhumbas are definitely her favs. Maybe it is time for a splurge.

  2. has some beautiful fascinators that are just like the ones Kate and friends wear. Enjoy!

  3. I found them for about $200 less on the Lords & Taylor website. The black seudes are just $488.

  4. Way late to comment, but Jane are you sure the pre engagement pics are the same boot? The ankle seems thicker, not as skin tight. I ask because I like that look better, was the Rhumba re made?

  5. I wonder,since she does still wear these, if when she finds a pr of shoes she likes, AND I MEAN REALLY LIKES, does she buy 2pr? 5pr? The nude LK Bennett heels how many people does she have????? Just curious..

  6. Jane, I would also like your thoughts 3 yrs later.. Is that dress still your favorite??


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