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Kate is Flawless in Custom Jenny Packham at the Coronation Ceremony

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Choosing an outfit for the celebration of the 60th anniversary of the Queen's coronation has to be tricky in the best of times, so I think this had to have been a lightly stressful choice for Kate, particularly given the at times almost erratic choices she has made in fashion during this pregnancy. Like any smart fashionista she turned to a tried and true favorite, my own favorite Jenny P.  The results are in and the results are FABULOUS--as usual from this incredible designer. Absolutely beautiful.

For her first public appearance at Westminster Abbey, Kate wore a peached tinged, champagne dress and coat custom made by Jenny Packham. They went back to real staples of Kate's style, lace, delicate colors, clean lines, feminine vibe. It hearkened back to the lace McQueen she wore last summer for the  Diamond Jubilee service at St. Paul's--and indeed that is only strengthened by the hat she rewore today. A quick note, today was a celebration of the Queen's coronation, while last year we were celebrating 60 years of her reign. She became Queen the moment her father passed away in 1952, but was not crowned until June 2, 1953.

Kate today rewearing the hat from 2012.

Kate at Diamond Jubilee Service in McQueen. 2012.
I really think it was perfect, beautiful symmetry to her choice from the year before, and a beautiful dress on its own merits. I love that they were all back at the Abbey, too, with Harry in tow. These two just can't behave when they get together. :)

Princesses beatrice and Eugenie returned to the scene of their earlier fashion crime. They were roundly criticized for their disastrous Royal Wedding choices, but they came back strong today both looking sleek and modern. I loved both of these outfits. Eugenie's asymmetrical coat is one of my favorite looks, and Beatrice is just oozing class in her simple and sophisticated ensemble.

Sophie Wessex was looking fresh and springlike. Those shoes look like Jimmy Choos or LK Bennetts--I can't remember where I saw them, but I am pretty certain Kate has a similar pair...

Zara was bright with her usual unusual headgear and Autumn was in muted pink and cream:

We just can't wean Camilla off of her furry hats. It is a lost cause, but this one is workable for me, and she was spot on with the color trend of the year.

Anyway, the point is the royal family was out in force, and they all looked pretty darn good. No one embarrassing the Queen this run-around. Quick video to give you some flavor:

I say it every time, but I do love Westminster Abbey so, so much. It is an exceptionally beautiful church, steeped in history, absolutely oozing medieval inside, and anytime the royal family gathers here for anything, all the history and tradition send me into conniptions. This is the pinnacle of royal watching.

Kate seemed a little on edge when she arrived at the church as she twisting at her ring, which is a nervous tick I haven't seen from her before. Nevertheless, she looked happy and relaxed afterward and absolutely marvelous. This was a great, great day! I still have to close with what i think is an hilarious picture.


  1. I think this dress is gorgeous, too! She really knows how to pull out the stops for these big family events. Lovely post.

  2. Perhaps she felt a bit ill?

  3. She looks amazing. Is she really a month away from delivery? Wow!

    Does anyone else wish they would be a little more affectionate? Like Autumn and Peter (hand holding) Zara and Mike.

    1. I agree, Anonymous, I would love to see a few more PDAs from William & Kate, even a bit of hand-holding occasionally. I have read many times that William is very careful about guarding his privacy so maybe he just wants to keep that side of his and Kate's relationship away from the cameras? Annie, UK

    2. I also think William and Kate have shown a lot more public affection than any of us expected. He is obviously always watching for her comfort, protectively guiding her with his hand, they give each other a lot of smiles, but I think there is a very real sense of professionalism from them when they are on the job, and they want to maintain that barrier between work and personal life. I think we also see that difference when they are at relaxed functions, like watching the Olympics or walking to their helicopter the day after the wedding, and in their wholly personal time, walking the Anglesey beach, the honeymoon photos hand in hand in the Seychelles, walking in the park in Scotland after Zara's wedding. Zara/Mike and Peter/Autumn aren't really ever seen professionally the way we see Will and Kate.

  4. I bet that ring twisting is a result of pregnancy puffy hands. I remember that my ring would just sting when I was wearing it. She is so leggy that she only looks heavily pregnant when she is sitting down :)

  5. Wish she would have left the coat at home, but perfection otherwise.


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