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Kate Shopping in Blue ASOS Dress

Monday, June 10, 2013

Kate was photographed shopping off King's Road in Chelsea last week in the company of an unidentified older woman.     They appear to still be working on decorating her KP apartment, because the two were photographed leaving Bernard Thorp--handprinted fabrics and wall coverings.

I am slow to trust the Daily Star, but they did run an article with fairly detailed reports on Kate's choices at Bernard Thorp:
Kate picked out beige and brown English handmade fabrics that cost £131.76 a ­metre. She also went for a cream and light brown traditional herring-bone stripe for the ­curtains in a corridor. And for a sofa covering she ­preferred a ­darker, co-ordinating beige and terracotta herring-bone design that she pored over in a samples book.
If true, that would be in keeping with Kate's conservative and subdued style, although if I were decorating an apartment in KP I would make at least some of the room Georgian--and Bernard Thorp would be just the place to supply those needs...

The article continued:

As temperatures soared outside, she had to take it easy indoors. Kind staff came to her aid and sat her down with a cooling glass of water.
“Kate was fascinated by all the designs and picked out two,” said an insider.
“She had very definite ideas about what she liked.
“It was boiling hot outside so the door was open to cool down but she was ­feeling the heat so we sat her down with a glass of ­water.
“The Duchess was charming and so lovely.
“She didn’t put on any airs or graces.
“She said she’d got so many ­ideas after coming in.”
Kate was wearing an ASOS maternity dress, which apparently costs under $30, again seeming to highlight that Kate is not willing to bust the bank on maternity pieces she can get little use from in the future. She was wearing her Pied a Terre wedges, which we have seen before. She is quite a fan and has them in more than one color.

Kate is still twisting at that ring of hers. When she got engaged the ring was actually too big. They did not resize it, but instead inserted to little bumps on the inside of the band to hold it in place better. I wonder if those are irritating her now that she might be a little swollen from he pregnancy?

Enjoy more photos here at the Daily Mail.

The Pipster is out and about as well, and was photographed in a bit of a passionate clinch with Nico Jackson. I am all for some light PDA, but this was a little much for a London street in the middle of the day. They must have been swept away thanks to all the endorphins released after their tennis game.

Contrary to many high hopes, Kate was not present at even one of the society weddings this past weekend.  At first glance, the wedding of Beulah London founder, Lady Natasha Rufus-Isaacs seemed an obvious choice.  Kate has worn the label several times with significant success.

The bridesmaid dresses were obviously Beulah:

Her absence from this wedding is less surprising, however, when you learn that Lady Natasha married Rupert Finch.  Oops. Rupert Finch was Kate's boyfriend at St. Andrews when she met Prince William. That was an easy call. Who wants to show up to their ex's wedding 8 months along?

But, someone else did attend. Cressida Bonas showed up with her gal pal Princess Eugenie.

Whether Harry, who was flying an Apache at an air-show, would have liked to have made it, or whether the two are on the rocks, has not been definitively determined.  To be continued...

Today is the Duke of Edinburgh's 92nd birthday, which he is marking in hospital as he awaits exploratory surgery. It is highly unlikely that Kate will drop by, but other royals may make a brief appearance.

We will see Kate Thursday, though!


  1. love your blog but miss your old writing style without all the quotes like the other Kate sites use. love it when it's just your opinion.

    1. Uh oh, an unhappy reader. I am glad to hear your thoughts, and will be sure to stay as opinionated as possible! This post was late and I was feeling lazy--although, given the level of detail I tend to think the Star had their facts straight. If I had written what I was thinking I would have said that Kate pulls off these cheaper brands better than anyone could. I don't personally buy ASOS and I don't think I ever will, mostly because that sort of stuff falls apart so quickly and usually looks cheap even before that, but somehow Kate plucks just the right looks from these places. I thought she looked great. I was also interested to see her wear that bright purple cardigan! I liked it, though...
      I appreciate the feed back! Hopefully, I will do better on Thursday!! :)

    2. Personally, I loved this post, thanks Jane :-) Great mix of Kate pictures with some high-society PDA and wedding gossip!

  2. Dear Jane,

    Great post, thanks. I'm a happy reader.I love your blog and that you express your opinion whether it is good or bad. I was expecting Kate for the wedding because I didn't think about the fact that they were a couple earlier.After considering this it is understandable she didn't attend.

    I like your report on the Swedish wedding and I have seen your sister site it is great, good luck with that too.

    To be honest I'm not that keen on Pippa. I think she made a terrible mistake with her book full of advice. Ridiculous advice and I hear she has a new one. ohhh. Shallow I'm sorry I hope she is not that simple as it looks. Money can't buy everything.

    Wishing you all the best. A.from Austria

  3. I agree with both comments. Don't change the way you are normally. Your blog is very fun and funny and I come to see what you think. I also enjoy the quotes from the paper. Love your blog!


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