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Kate Shops for Antiques During Percy Wedding

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

I know I promised this post yesterday, but the last 48 hours were just a little too busy. But, now we are getting to it... Kate did miss the society wedding of the year, but although she couldn't make the 300 mile journey to Northumberland, she did get out and about locally as she perused antique shops on Saturday.

She was at Youlls Antiques in Hungerford, Berkshire, very close to her family's home.  Perhaps she was shopping for KP, or maybe looking for a unique piece to gift her parents for their anniversary?  Kate was wearing black skinnies, ballet flats, and was covered up in a loose, open trench coat.  Her hair stole the show, as usual, reminding us all why it is constantly rated one of the top envies of women the world over. Even on a Saturday shopping trip it looks stunning.  

I wanted to quickly tell you several interesting rumors I have read recently. The first was a bookie who slashed the odds on "Mary" as a possibility for Baby Cambridge because a well dressed man came from Ascot and placed a huge bet on Mary. A spokesman in the article said:
"The mystery punter came into one of our shops in west London, in full Ascot fig with a top hat and tails. £100 is a huge bet for this market, where the average bet just £3 so we are a little nervous that a member of the party at Royal Ascot has let the possible name slip,"
I am going to break my usual habit of being very, very skeptical and say that this one kind of piqued my interest. First of all, the guy has a point, although with the vino flowing at Ascot it could be as likely that this was a bet on a bet! "Hey, see if you can spike speculation with an absurdly large bet!"  Who knows, nevertheless, Mary is a Windsor family name, and we all expect Wills and Kate to choose with tradition in mind.  Lastly, let's be honest, William and Kate are HUGE Downton Abbey fans. Who doesn't love Mary??  

That was interesting rumor number one. Number two is the possibility that Kate and William may have lightly exaggerated the due date to give themselves some privacy and breathing room. Supposedly, Diana did something similar when she announced a July birth and delivered William in June.  This seems less likely to me, but it would explain why she won't travel.  We shall see soon enough!

The Daily Mail just published an old photo of Wills and Kate. They say it was taken a month ago, but that just can't be right given how advanced (or I should say not advanced) she looks. Get the whole scoop at the DM here

Anyway, a little Pippa news, perchance?  Yes please.  Wait, let's actually do a quick wedding recap, since so many of our favorites were present.

The bride looked like a princess, which was appropriate to my mind given her family's prominence. They are a baby royal family in their town.  Chelsy was looking lovely as the Maid of Honor, and totally appropriate. If every time a woman wears a flattering dress she is skewered like Pippa at the Royal Wedding, we may be dealing with oversexed viewers, not an oversexed woman. 

Isn't this handsome prince looking cheerful?

Harry and Cressida were also looking great.  We have learned one thing about Cressida. She loves her maxi dresses...and sparkles...and flowers. This is the second wedding she has opted for floor length where most went structured. I am a fan of the maxi dress myself, so I can't complain that she dances to the beat of her own drum.

That being said, the duo were snapped returning to London and all I can say is...what is she wearing??? 

Back to our favorite royal sister-in-law-- Pippa is hit and miss for these weddings. For me, this was a miss. I don't like the uneven peplum and I hate the busy print. It's like someone threw paint at the fabric, it is bad. The hat was structured, so points for that, but those tall spikes remind me of Maleficent, the evil step-mother of Sleeping Beauty. Not good.  It wasn't ideal, but I have seen worse, and she was glowingly lovely--that will take you a ways. :)

She didn't miss a beat, and was photographed back in London schlepping groceries home from Waitrose. Perhaps, she was pulling something together for her column? I like this!  Great color for her skin tone, feminine and professional styling--she looks tired, but she looks good.

We are not done, though! Despite the fact that her sister is shunning the spotlight as she waits out the last few weeks of her pregnancy, Pippa dropped into the Royal Box at Wimbledon with her brother James to take in some tennis.  Both looked appropriately dapper. Pippa was looking much better this year, (after yet another overly busy peplum disaster from last year) and seemed, if I may say so, to be channeling just a hint of her sister's tennis style. 

The jacket over the dress is reminding me of Kate's beautiful ensemble last year when the sisters watched the final game.  

Maybe you are thinking well, Pippa struck out at the wedding, and maybe you didn't love the peachy suit dress, and maybe you weren't that keen on the Wimbledon blue, but I now present to you Pip's pièce de résistance. This was a week or so ago, at Ascot, but it was marvelous from tip to toe. I gasped when I saw the pictures. Light and airy, delicate colors, absolutely perfect hat--it was a true triumph:

Well done Pippa Middleton, well done. 

Ok, kids, I have now shared the majority of my royal musings for the moment.  Get more photos of Kate shopping at PopSugar by clicking here and let's keep an eye out for more of Kate wandering the streets of Berkshire or maybe somewhere closer to Buckingham Palace... ;)


  1. Wow! The Ascot dress is so beautiful. She certainly did it right on that one. I liked all the other outfits, too, except that hat from the Percy wedding.

  2. the old pictures published by the mail remind me of one i had seen about one month ago! when kate was out shopping an bodyguards covered her with an umbrella!
    I've noticed that the jacket is the same and the hairdo is the same!
    By the way! i think she sooo closed to the due date! maybe she can feel contractions? she kept her arms on the belly all the time! :-)
    Martina, Italy

    1. Yes! I think you are right, this one?
      I don't think it is the same day, because CP below says it was May 27.28th and that shopping day was earlier. She probably was wearing that jacket lots. She looks great!

  3. The pictures from the DM are taken a week after Charles and Camilla had to make an emergency landing at the same airport (that's in the article) so it nails it for 27/28 May

    Great post

    1. Thanks for doing the math on that! :) She really just popped--I don't feel like she looks that pregnant in that photo. That or the angle is deceptive...

      Thank you! So glad you enjoyed it!

  4. an australian mag published mor photos of kate shopping! wow her belly seems so huge!
    Martina. ITALY

    1. She is looking extremely pregnant! It is hard to believe we are getting pretty close!!

  5. I love her dress. Very beautiful!

  6. All the dresses of Kate are so cool, especially her wedding dress. I love this dress and my future-wife asks me to buy this awesome dress for her.
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