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Princess Madeleine of Sweden Marries American banker Chris O'Neill

Sunday, June 9, 2013

This isn't about Kate, but a royal wedding is a royal wedding. Besides, we LOVE the Swedish Royal family and both their stunning daughters. Madeleine married American banker Chris O'Neill yesterday in a ceremony in Stockholm. I dabble very lightly in other European royals, but my focus is on the BRF. Madeleine had gotten engaged several years ago and I expected a wedding, then without warning the whole affair was called off when her fiance was caught cheating. The Princess moved to New York for a change of scene, and presto, she had healed her broken heart. Chris seems besotted, and I have to say he stole the show. From his misty eyes and joyful smile as his bride joined him at the altar to the excited waving from the boat that took them to their reception, and all the moments in between, he was clearly overjoyed/

Madeleine wore a dress by Valentino, and although many didn't care for the ruffle at the bottom, I kind of liked it. It was was unusual, but the overall simplicity of the dress saved it from being stuffy.

The groom was very enthusiastic. He grinned from ear to ear almost constantly, and injected his personal joie de vivre into the day. Someone needs to do a video compilation which would include among many other things, the fist pump...

An excited groom waving from the Stockholm boat:

Madeleine's older sister Crown Princess Victoria was of course at the wedding with her husband and their daughter Estelle. The Crown Princess will inherit the thrown, so little Estelle is currently second in line to the Swedish throne. Daddy Daniel was carrying his wife's clutch and the pacifier...

Madeleine arrived at her reception still in her wedding gown. That cathedral train looked a handful as she danced her first dance:

Just as Kate changed from her formal, wedding dress into a more manageable ballgown for her reception, at some point Princess Madeleine changed as well, and put her hair down.

It was a beautiful day, beautiful dresses, and a very beautiful couple.


  1. Hi Jane,

    I love the swedish royals! Madeleine looks so pretty!!

    1. Hey Alexa! I am fast becoming a big fan--they are both such beautiful women! This wedding was great!

  2. Wow Princess Madeleine is STUNNING! Good for her and her husband for carving out a life for themselves in New York and for looking so incredibly happy on their wedding day

  3. She looks great and very happy! :)

    1. Yes, they were just glowing--it was fun to see!

  4. Question, Is Chris O'Neil Irish, Northern Irish, or British? I know he is American but here in US, I am sure you know there is a difference although Diana and now Kate have been amazing at softening the scars...

    1. Hello! Chris is the son of an American banker and an Austrian women. As such, he is an American citizen, although he was born in Britain. He is irish in heritage, just as many Americans are "Irish" even though they have never seen the Emerald Isle.


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