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Anmer Hall: Are the Cambridges Moving or Not?

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Headlines are meant to be attention grabbing, but they can also sometimes be just a tad misleading. This morning, the big headline was that yesterday's story about Anmer Hall was false, the Queen isn't paying anyone to move out. When you read a little more, though, it quickly becomes evident that it is not so much false as nuanced. He is still moving out.

Anonymous sources, which are always to be taken with a grain of salt, claim that the Queen has not paid the current tenant to move out, BUT, it does appear that he will indeed be going. So whether he is being compensated financially, or in some other way, the point still remains the same. Everything indicates that William and Kate plan to make Anmer Hall their home in the next few years, and to accommodate this, the family living there now will vacate years in advance of their lease agreement. 

Anmer Hall Plans via Lebanon Times

The Cambridges certainly won't, however, be moving in next week, given the extensive changes that royal aides have already submitted to the council and which have been approved. Anmer Hall was obviously being selected for a royal VIP when the plans showed rerouting entrance gates, privacy trees to thwart long range lenses, and renovations that will make room for security personnel. EDP24 reports:
...aides submitted a planning application for major alterations including re-routing the drive to the property, which is currently accessed via the track leading to the tiny village church, converting outbuildings into accommodation for police bodyguards and a new garden room and pergola.
Council officials agreed the plans without any debate. Unlike planning applications from members of the public wishing to extend their properties, the Royal application was only made avalable to callers in person at West Norfolk council’s offices.
Work on the house is expected to take some months. Already hundreds of new saplings have been planted along the Sandringham to Anmer road, which leads past the hall, to screen it from public view.
Just like the project on their KP apartment began months ago, we have a long wait for the Anmer property to be ready for the Cambridge family, but I think it is very clear that this show is now on the road. The tenant is moving his business and from all reports will himself leave not long after, and then the workmen will get busy. I think the next moving truck that pulls up after that will be carting Prince Georgie's crib and Kate's closet in the front door.


  1. Very interesting post. great writing, there is an option that William choose to work in the Household Cavalry then maybe move to Anmer Hall. The property is wonderful.

    Patricia greet the Polish blog

  2. Diane from BostonJuly 31, 2013 at 1:01 PM

    Just a word of appreciation to you for this blog, Jane! I find it a very enjoyable read, and I like the personal perspectives you share. Thank you!

  3. Anmer Hall will not be their permanent home - that is KP. Anmer Hall will be their country place - holidays and weekends. It is part of the Queen's Sandringham Estate.

  4. All the best to Prince William, Catherine of Cambridge and Prince George many happy hours in your lovely home!


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