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Baby Will Arrive by the End of the Week? So Claims Camilla

Monday, July 15, 2013

Well, you have probably heard that Camilla mentioned The Great Kate Wait in some informal comments at a childrens' hospice in Cornwall today.  The Duchess of Cornwall volunteered that she suspects the he or she will have arrived by the end of the week. 

Given the way she said it, I think two things. Number one that we have passed Kate's actual due-date which was never released. The vague mid-July was only ever referenced.  Number two, and this is a little more of a stretch, I think that Kate must be feeling it is getting pretty close and has probably told her family that she expects the baby very soon. As I say, speculation, but given Camilla's tone, that is what I think. Personally, with little to base this one, I think the baby will come Tuesday or Wednesday. If, however, Camilla is just voicing wishful thinking, we could very well push into next week. 

When I threw up the video yesterday of William receiving his gift at the polo match, I felt a little sorry for Harry who is still single and so has not been granted a Dukedom. They called William, The Duke of Cambridge, and it sounded pretty impressive. I thought, well, it is still Prince Harry of Wales. As it turns out, the announcer kind of flubbed it. When he called Harry he said, "The Prince of Wales" so Harry was elevated above his brother for one event. William's reaction is hilarious, so I thought I would share.  You can almost see harry sink, as if he is thinking, "Oh gosh, no, no, no, that's not me."

Isn't this cute? What else do we have to do, but review old photos....


  1. I find it a little disturbing that they keep referring to the baby as "her grandchild" instead of just keeping it neutral. William doesn't refer to her as his mother - this is Diana's grandchild.

    1. Diana is the grandmother, absolutely, and I am sure that the Cambridges will speak of her often, and call her grandmother, but Camilla is the new wife, and they all seem to get along very, very well. She is certainly a step-grandmother and it seems unlikely that they won't find some name to give her special honor, if they don't in fact just use some form of grandmother... Maybe Granny Camilla... I have no idea, I am now just making up possibilities. Point is, it stands to reason that they will use a special name.

    2. Hello Jane- I have never commented here but I do read all the time. So this is my first comment. To start off I just want to make it clear I do not like Camilla. It is very hard for me to think of her as a grandmother to William & Catherines baby. This baby is Princess Diana's grandchild and always well be.

      And how in the world would she know that the baby is coming this week. I doubt very much that either William or Catherine told her. I live in London and I can tell you that Camilla is not like by the royal family. All the do is play nice. Camilla has been really mean and hateful to Catherine since she married William. And it got worse once Catherine got pregnant. William does all he can to help her get through all the hate. HE has even taken his father aside and told him in not so nice words to watc hCamilla around Catherine.

      William is very protective of Catherine and he will not allow Camilla to continue to hurt Catherine. And really does not want her around his new baby once it is born. Camilla is also very jealous of Carole Middleton. And I can see it get worse once the baby is born. Catherine is very close to her mom and she will have alot of input in this baby's life.

      Thank you for allowing me express my feelings here.

    3. Dear Jane! Thanks for the post. Let's hope for so many people's sake the bundle of joy will arrive quite soon.

      Unfortunately I must say some people is starting to lose common sense or whatever we call it. The reason (num 2) for commenting on your site is that I was so fed up with people from other blogs. They jumped on you whenever you said something wrong about the Duchess. And what I can see now they start commenting here too. Which means your blog is getting better than the rest on the other hand makes me awkward again. Of course (reason num 1) I found your way of writing better and that you are down to earth and not so cheesy.

      Kathy London: I realized myself that there are things that bother you and no one is listening. So you just got it out. Likewise I did when I wrote about her work ethic. So many negative words in one text, we got that you hate Camilla, but how do you know what Camilla feels or does? Did you read in the papers? I understand your dislike as Camilla was the 3rd woman, I don't respect her for that either, but what you wrote is just nonsense from start to finish. Anett from Austria

    4. Okay, like any of us (even those who live in London) can know for sure that the royal family hates Camilla, that Camilla is jealous of Carole Middleton, or that William has taken his dad aside to tell him to tell Camilla to back off. Come on, take a step back and realize how ridiculous it is to think we can know anything about the private lives of the royal family!

      I second what Anett said above - I love reading this blog and the comments because it had such normal, even-handed coverage of Kate. Now that some of the more rabid fans from other blogs have started commenting, this might become yet another site where you can't say anything remotely negative about Kate without someone jumping down your throat. I commend Jane for her well-written and informative posts that always have a fresh take on royal news, she's the reason I'll keep reading!


    5. Their little one won't understand the role of Camilla and why she is not the mother to William for quite a long time. I think they all get along very well and Kate and William will involve both Charles and Camilla and the Middletons in the upbringing of their children.

      I'm also pretty sure that the close family of William und Kate knows the real due date. Maybe it wasn't the July 13 date and Camilla said they are expecting the baby by the end of the week because the due date is actually July 17/18/... We hopefully find out more in the following days.

    6. In a world where, sadly, divorce is the norm, children are born and brought up in a world where 4 grandparents are the MINIMUM. All it should mean to Baby Cambridge is that there is more love in their lives.

      Live in the present; admire the past but live right now. That's what Baby Cambridge will do, IMO.

      Thanks for a great blog


  2. Lovely photo of Kate and William. As you say, what can we do but review old pictures.

    As for Camilla, I initially was not keen on her, but it seems to me that the family embraces her , and so do I.

    Can't wait for the Royal Birth!

    Deborah in Canada

  3. Technically Camilla will be the step-grandmother so she will still have a very important role to play. It is clear that Camilla has been a great support to Kate and William, she has never been pushy or tried to hog the lime light she has simply stood by her husband and supported him.

    Making unfair and mean remarks on this website takes away from the enjoyment of reading Jane's posts which are always light hearted and pleasant to read.

    Thanks Jane for your great blog

  4. That flub by the announcer is really funny - I can see a non Brit doing that but not a Brit!

  5. I hope it's this week so anxiously await today's statement is still the Queen, and that William had a holiday week from Monday rather this is indicated by that Kate has terimn birth this week :) we are fans of Kate in Poland also look forward even with us on TV or in a lot of radium czeakmy say so, how do you think it's a girl or a boy? :)
    for me it is healthy baby is the most important :)


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