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Cambridges to Move to Anmer Sooner than Later, William Plays Polo This Weekend?

Monday, July 29, 2013

Anmer Hall

There has been much speculation about when Kate and William will move to Anmer Hall. Well, it looks like they will take over the house a lot sooner than expected. The Daily Mail confirmed today that the Queen has paid the current tenant of Anmer Hall a generous settlement to move much earlier than his scheduled 2017 lease.  I am not terribly surprised. William and Kate, both now in their thirties and with a new child they want to protect from the media, are no doubt anxious to move into permanent places they can really settle into and make their own for the foreseeable future.  

Kate Shopping in London Before Her Wedding

They need a London residence, which they will soon have at Kensington Palace. The 20 room apartment will certainly serve as their permanent London base for a long time, and we know from her many shopping excursions that Kate has been hard at work decorating the many rooms, which will no doubt be beautiful.

Kate at her parents home running with the dogs

Nevertheless, we also know that William and Kate really favor the country lifestyle and are no doubt anxious to also have a place of their own away from the city.  It seems they have been very happy in Anglesey, and the fact that they immediately left London for her parents home in Bucklebury underscores their craving for the privacy and pace of the country.

Christmas at Sandringham 2011

Anmer Hall is located on the Queen's Sandringham Estate. Like Balmoral, Sandringham is privately owned by the Royal family and is where they traditionally spend their Christmas holiday.  One interesting aspect of this move could be that William and Kate can find a compromising ground for Christmas. Traditionally, the Royals gather for the holiday, but last year William and Kate spent their Christmas with the Middletons. Bucklebury is too far from Norfolk for them to see both sides of the family on Christmas. If they have a home on the estate they might be able to have their cake and eat it to. With the Middleton family visiting them, and making it to the Royals Christmas morning and celebrating with Kate's family in the evening? Who knows. It will be interesting to see how they continue to handle incorporating Kate's family. 

Mike and Carole Middleton at Balmoral

Speaking of the Middletons, The Telegraph ran an excellent article yesterday on the Middletons and why they are good for the Monarchy. I was very excited to be included in the piece, but I do not praise it for self-serving purposes alone--it is very well written and very interesting even for the most dedicated of Kate Middleton fans. Why We Should All be Grateful for the Middletons.  If I am not mixing people up, the author, Julia Llewellyn Smith, has also written a book on Graham Greene and his travels. Greene is the author of some of my favorite books--after Evelyn Waugh, and if you too find this classic British author remarkable, you may enjoy looking this book up: Traveling on the Edge: Journeys in the Footsteps of Graham Greene

Mini Cooper released a little tribute to the newest Royal. At first I was a little taken a back--it is right on the edge, but I have now decided that it is cute. Hopefully you do, too:

Prince William committed to play a charity polo match in Berkshire this weekend. Reports says he would like to honor his commitment, but we will see if he stays in seclusions with Kate and George, or if he does indeed end up playing. I hope he plays. Of course. :)  meanwhile, Prince Charles says that Baby George will probably end of with the nickname Georgie. Again, cute!! 


  1. i totally love the idea that kate and william could invite the middletons to amner hall to celebrate christmas there and still be able to visit the royal family with little georgie. :))

  2. Kate Middleton. Mother of the future King of England. Incidentally, at the age of 3 days Prince George wrote the first installment of his memoirs and published direct to Amazon

  3. I loved this post. There has been so much excitement with the new royal baby being born. I do hope that Prince William plays as well. I hope that they figure everything out and get settled soon.

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