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Helicopter on Standby as Preparations for Baby Cambridge Ramp Up

Saturday, July 6, 2013

No official due-date was announced, other than the ambiguous "mid-July," so July 13th has been made Baby Cambridge's unofficial due-date. With just one week to go, excitement is quickly reaching fever pitch, and small wonder.  A privately chartered helicopter has taken up permanent residence in the field next to William and Kate's home in Anglesey, Wales, waiting to fly the Prince back to London at the drop of a hat when the call comes that Kate is going into labor. (The Daily Mail reports that William wants to drive her to the hospital himself.) I was envisioning something more dramatic, the race against time to get to her bedside before the baby was cooing in the cradle, but I guess things don't move that quickly...

Kate--who is staying at KP--also reportedly made a private visit to the hospital last week to confirm all arrangements were as they should be. I have to say, I have kind of been trundling along not thinking too much about the situation, but this is getting me pretty worked up.  I really, really hope she doesn't go late....  An organic clothing company in Australia posted on their facebook picture of a box addressed to the Duchess of Cambridge, so we know that Kate has been indulging in some online shopping. Very exciting to be THAT company! I can't find the picture. It's late and my battery is about to give out, so I will let it go and look in the morning. Perhaps the company took it down?? 

How far we have come:


  1. Is that picture from 2004? Also, can you post the picture of the online shopping package?

  2. It is from 2004! Well, I mentioned I couldn't find the photo and it turns out I couldn't because it has pretty much disappeared. KP released a statement that Kate ha snot ordered any clothes from Australia, so perhaps it was a publicity stunt by the company??

  3. Where do you find KP's statements?


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