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Housekeeper Antonella Fresolone Arrives in Bucklebury to Help the Cambridges

Sunday, July 28, 2013

The Sun has an exclusive picture of William and Kate's housekeeper, Antonella Fresolone arriving by car in Bucklebury, where she will no doubt help the Middletons and Cambridges with housework, etc, so they can fully relax and enjoy their time with Baby George. See the picture and read the article here

The UK Express is reporting that William will rejoin the Blues & Royals in London after he concludes his RAF posting in Anglesey near September. This is certainly a possible choice, since it would allow William to be close to his new little family and to possibly take on more royal engagements in the Capital--fingers crossed.  As yet, this has not been confirmed, but you can read the full article here.  

It is Sunday, so the papers are teaming with various stories. The Mail reports that the Wessexes will visit the Middleotn home to see George...We shall see. Other news outlets are saying that Prince Philip, who will head to Balmoral in August, won't see Prince George until October, since it would be hard for William to slip in a visit to Balmoral given he has taken up all his paternity to leave.

If I may say, it seems unlikely to me that IF he wanted to, William couldn't get up to Balmoral. Given modern transportation, all he needs his few days off shift to fly north for a brief visit, but it could be too much hassle with a baby. Again, time will tell.

This piece was in the National Post and I thought it was very, very good.  It is an honest assessment of the rising popularity of the monarchy. It isn't too long, enjoy the read:


  1. Is Antonella the one that takes care of Kate & Will place where they live. And is she the nanny for will Prince George?
    thanks Janet

    1. Yes, she was hired as housekeeper for the Cambridges some time ago. She was one of the chief housemaids at Buckingham Palace before she moved to the Cambridges staff. She is not the nanny. I think she will take up light housework, cooking, dishes, laundry, so that Carole and Kate can spend the time with George and relaxing with their family.

    2. The ad for the placement mentioned child care as needed. So she is a part time nanny.

  2. That last article couldn't be more wrong. Diana was the one that revived the monarchy. There is no debate about that. That is a fact. The only reason people are interested in William and Kate is because William is the son of Diana. I find it distasteful to put Diana down. William and Harry are the people they are because of Diana.

    1. Don't get me wrong, I think that Diana's immense popularity is part of what revived the Monarchy, but the whole situation presents an interesting dichotomy. The disintegration of the Wales' marriage was damaging the Monarchy. Diana was setting herself up in opposition to the Monarchy. Did she mean to destroy the institution her son would one day carry on? I don't think so, but those were bad years for the brand, and I don't think that can be denied. In any case, I think many people would see it that way. Oddly, when she tragically passed away, that positive momentum we all felt for her was redirected right back at the institution she was at odds with... Now we have this happy situation. Life is strange.

      Sorry you didn't enjoy it! I thought it was fairly insightful, but I appreciate you voicing your thoughts!!


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